Project CARS PS4 helmet cam 60fps gameplay

VVV: "Following our extensive look at the near final build of Project CARS on PS4 in glorious 1080p and 60fps, we're having a video blowout on Slightly Mad Studio's much anticipated racing simulation, looking at every aspect in the build-up to launch and beyond.

Our next batch of videos focus on the helmet camera, which is by far and away the most visceral way to experience Project CARS."

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masterfox1002d ago

not bad at all, helmet cam look like to add alot immersion in my opinion, now I'm interested in Project Cars

FarEastOrient1002d ago

Can you imagine how this would feel with Oculus and Morpheus if they can make it work?

Dfooster1002d ago

its shipping with oculus and morpheus support. once the headsets are released it will work straight out of the box

jobboy1002d ago

looks silky smooth :)

1002d ago
InMyOpinion1002d ago

Probably nice for diehard racing fans, but I can't really see the fun in it.

Generally I find it hard to get interested in racing games that don't offer deeper ways to customize your cars looks and performance. I'm a sucker for when you can use the same car in different race classes by tuning it. Making it your own, kind of.

GHOSTxx4201002d ago

Wow wasn't expecting this, I think I'll buy it now..

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