Limited Edition Halo 5 Xbox One Is Coming Says Studio Head; Hints E3

343 studio head Josh Holmes has confirmed that a limited edition Halo 5 Xbox One is underway and according Holmes it's looking sweet.

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The_Infected907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

Hopefully it's a Halo 5 limited Edition Xbox One slim.

christocolus907d ago

I will buy another xbox one if a slim halo5 edition is announced.

Paytaa907d ago

I second that. Already have the Halo 5 Legendary Edition pre-ordered but I don't mind getting the console as well :)

TheRedButterfly907d ago

I've already got the Limited Collector's Edition payed off, so I'll be throwing money at this one as soon as pre-orders go up.

Depending on the actual contents of the LCE of H5 and the design of the console I may cancel one (or both) orders and simply go standard, but with all the marketing MS has been throwing at Halo recently, my hype couldn't be higher.

Razputin907d ago

I have and love my White Xbox One, a slim version wouldn't be all that enticing as I'm comfortable with the bulkiness already.

But what I would really love to see is a nice custom paint job and expandable hard drive.

I don't want what some other have been doing saying a "limited edition/specific game edition" and all it brings is the game.

The white console is really amazing, but if it had more flair to it and had been a bit more Sunset Overdrive centric, I think that would have been even better.

But lets wait and see what we get.

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MasterBaker907d ago

I doubt it, but if it's an Xbox one slim I'd buy one ASAP.

coolbeans907d ago

Doubtful, but would be pretty cool to see that plus an upgrade in harddrive (maybe 1.5TB). Very interested to see its custom design.

Off Topic: Sorry about the false impersonator "coolbeans" (replaced lower-case L with upper case i) going at you like that. Just the duplicate account of some troll banned earlier today. Even I momentarily freaked out when seeing this via user reports.

StrayaKNT907d ago

Lol I was wondering why is coolbeans getting marked down as spam then I read this comment, all makes sense. Some people just have nothing better to do.

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Sureshot907d ago

And the sun will rise tomorrow, in case anyone wanted to know :)

TheRandomOne907d ago

Make it 1tb & I might be interested

Software_Lover907d ago

Or just buy the WD 2TB 2.5 inch external drive for $99. Mine just sits behind the Xbox One. You can't even see it.

ScorpiusX907d ago

Day one no matter it's look or design.

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