PS3F Impressions: Killzone 2 Multiplayer

PS3F writes: "While single player has always been the focus of Killzone 2 at its various press showings, today was all about one thing: multiplayer. Too bad we have to wait until early 2009 for its release, because what we've seen looks like everything PS3 fans have been waiting for. We don't want to use the phrase "Halo killer," because that's not what it is. It's something entirely different; we can't help but think that Killzone 2 may become the definitive PS3-exclusive shooter. Killzone 2's multiplayer experience is something entirely different ... by combining the best aspects of multiplayer gaming from Call of Duty 4, Battlefield, Team Fortress Online, Metal Gear Online and even the upcoming Resistance 2."

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mralexander3803d ago

honestly i saw the video for the multiplayer and was stunned at how good it looked. i'm not a big fan of multiplayer shooters on the console but this looked too good to pass up.

AceLuby3803d ago

I wasn't excited for this game, but now I am. The textures, the fluid motion, the draw distance, the lighting... everything was absolutely superb. Another day 1 purchase.

Rammstien_DuHast3803d ago

Come on you can say it its okay we already KNOW its a HALO KILLER there is no denying it now we all know KZ1 sucked [email protected] thats why they are taking so long with devlopment they want to make everything run smooth and play perfect there is nothing i could say about the visuals of this there is one and its DAMN nuff said about that can't wait to play this game and with all the money they put into this game i'm gonna say money well spent...

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Luca Blight3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

KZ1 was not that bad. Despite the fact that it did not live up to the hype, it actually was quite a good game. I've played quite a few FPS games and KZ1 is actually in the top 40%. The multiplayer was also quite good with maps that IMO outshone the ones in "better" first person shooters.

Perhaps I will get shot down for this comment, but I thought Killzone 1 was BETTER than Resistance (for its time) - and I liked Resistance. Resistance multiplayer was better but only because of online support. I think if Killzone 1 had the capability to put 32 people on its maps it would have taken Resistance in that category as well.

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damnwrx3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Killz(o)ne 2, rules.....
@#2 with the help of Insomniac and others, h3lls yeah, money well spent....