Call of Duty: Black Ops III Running on PS4 at Treyarch’s Studio

Treyarch has updated their site, and along with an update came an interesting photo.

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DarkOcelet1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

So Battlefront 3 and BO3 are being marketed towards the PS4. Thats actually pretty big.

I wouldnt be surprised if more publishers market their games towards the PS4 in the years to come. Its just selling so well.

MightyNoX1124d ago

True. Moreso in Call of Duty's case.

COD is the 'Kingmaker' when it comes to videogame consoles. To have PS4 be the marketing partner would be...interesting.

DarkOcelet1124d ago

It will sell the most on PS4 and they would be wise to advertise it to the bigger market.

MightyNoX1124d ago

I know that. I was being cheeky. :P (Since COD and Xbox had a marriage affair) te?hl=en&sl=de&u=

Apparently, it's 1080p on PS4 and the Dev REFUSED to talk about Xbone's resolution.

Looks Treyarch is going all in on PS4.

DarkOcelet1124d ago

It will most likely run on 1360x1080 on the Xone just like Advanced Warfare.

And 1920x1080 on PS4.

spacedelete1124d ago

watch how people pretend COD BLOPs is a PS4 exclusive just like they did with Destiny.

Rookie_Monster1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )


Just like last Fall with destiny, the lack of AAA exclusive games will do that to you. With Uncharted 4 delayed, there isn't much for Sony to do but to market a couple of exclusives like it is their own to please their fans. Having said that, they will go back to bash COD again when no marketing deal is in-place for the game as the reveal trailer has no PS4 logo at the end and on the pre order page, the Xbox One logo is listed first. I don't know where this "Sony has marketing deal" comes from as there is literally no indication of it other than it is being demoed on the PS4 but Eurogamer already said the game was demoed on all three platform at the studios.

I will get it on PC if the game is any good but I haven't like COD since MW2. This one looks interesting though but seems like it is ripping off Titanfall.

DarXyde1124d ago

I could be wrong, but doesn't Microsoft have a recurring marketing deal for Call of Duty (such as always-first DLC and the like)? I always thought Microsoft locked that down then and forever.

Brotard1124d ago

And sony will probably market Grand Theft Auto Vs dlc whenever that comes out, because according to VGcharts ( ) it has sold about 9 Million more copies on playstation then xbox

Bathyj1124d ago

"watch how people pretend COD BLOPs is a PS4 exclusive "

Wow. Coming from a total xbox fanboy and considering how MS ALWAYS acts like CoD is an xbox franchise because that's where the dudebros live, that's rich.

No one's saying the game will be exclusive on PS4. It's just generally accepted that it will be better and sell more, like all multiplats do ?

r2oB1124d ago

@ rookie_monster

Speaking of AAA exclusives, when was the last one released on Xbox One? Five months ago? When is the next one? October? That's almost a year apart, not to mention both are Halo games (nice variety /s).

It's ok though. It's quite obvious that Xbox gamers have denounced the Gregorian calendar and adopted the exclusive Microsoft calendar, in which a year consists of only 3 months.

mark_parch1124d ago

Ori and the blind forest came out last month whens the next exclusive on ps4?

BeefCurtains1124d ago

Is it some sort of marketing deal, or the developer just wanting to show off their game on the version that looks the best? They are at least smart enough to avoid talking about resolution on X1 right now (ie, trying for 1080 but don't want to set expectations, or they can only get 900p and don't want to deal with the backlash yet).

Septic1123d ago

Cod is the kingmaker? What? So the Xbox One has been king because of this exclusivity deal all this time?

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micx1124d ago

Don't forget the deal Activision had with Sony regarding Destiny, this could go in this direction as well.

Moldiver1124d ago

destiny...SW:BF...and COD....

All shooters..Sony really wants the X360 audience. I cant blame them...They are the ones that buy yearly subs and DLC without fail.

pyramidshead1124d ago


judging by how well it's selling I'm pretty sure they already have the 360 audience.


Transistor1124d ago

It's not surprising. The PS4 is a more capable system than the Xbox One and Sony has the lead in every region on earth. Having the US and UK is a big change from last gen, if people don't think publishers recognize this you are being extremely naive.

PlayStation's in a very good position right now and are rumored to be dropping the price to $299 before Christmas. They seem to be taking the same approach as the PS2 to the PS4, so all things point to this being true.

They are going for the kill this holiday, I heard they have another money hat rolling out this holiday yet to be announced.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1124d ago

"They are going for the kill this holiday, I heard they have another money hat rolling out this holiday yet to be announced."

Is that for a third party exclusive? Or marketing on a multiplatform title?

lunatic00011124d ago

Ps4 is more capable but the reason the ps4 is where its at is because they had the best promoters promoting the ps4 and that was Microsoft... I have never seen a company want to fail and promote their competitors console so have turned their fortunes but its now too late and it has gotten to the point that the ps4 doesn't really need to do anything to attract people to buy it...ps4 will sell gangbusters this holiday even though it has lackluster first party lineup for the holidays....Sony couldn't be at a better position

ilikepizza1124d ago

Going for the kill this holiday???? xbox is going to obliterate Sony this holiday and every holiday going forward with its gears,halo cycle. Sony has no deal for cod.... the deal with star wars is rather useless since you will get to play it first on xbox. Sony has zero heavy hitters left this year so it would be wise to try to sell multiplats off as exclusives. It won't work. Call of duty and battlefront will sell more on xbox, in the states any ways. Halo 5 will make a killing in its own right.

Kleptic1124d ago


I don't know why there is even a debate about sales and everything in regards to this generation so far...

this is more like PS2 vs. the original Xbox...less like PS3 vs. Xbox 360...

this me at least; seems pretty obvious...the 360 profited from Sony's pretty substantial fumbles, at least in the US and to some degree the UK...MS seems to have taken that situation, and acted as if it was their own promotion and 'hard work' that made the 360 popular in a couple of key territories...

and that was NEVER it...they offered a cheaper console, that was released earlier, and was simultaneously easier for developers...ALL of which was Sony's mistake...Sony dropped the ball really early, and MS did a great job of holding on to it...but a lot of that was because Sony wasn't in a good position to pick it back up, either...

this generation is 100% MS's 'paralysis by analysis' conundrum...a bunch of suits sat down and tried to figure out why last generation went so well for them, and never seemed to get a good handle on why exactly...They've promoted and pushed the Xbox One in a way that was very anti-consumer...but did it because they thought they had some sort of real loyalty behind their products...they didn't...they just had what some, in certain territories, felt was a better value proposition given the price points...

what they needed to do was undercut Sony at all costs, and at every angle...they instead offered a weaker system, with confusing DRM policy changes, at a higher price point...and not even one of the US's 'daddy war bucks' could survive that...and so far this generation; that is case and point...

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Kayant1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

"I wouldnt be surprised if more publishers market their games towards the PS4 in the years to come. Its just selling so well." - Sony/MS are the one partnering with them not the other way along given they are the ones paying for the marketing.

Also hold on to your horses ;)

" At the game's full reveal in Santa Monica, Black Ops 3 was shown running on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC - with the latter being shown off with full 4k support." -

Sounds more like Activision are doing it this year and also the source and where the rumour begin never said Sony is doing marketing -

Transistor1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

It seems like the PS4 is the featured version though, which does seem strange.

Plus the box art that said "Only on Playstation" which has since been changed. Suggesting DLC or something like that.

Kayant1124d ago


Doesn't mean much given the above have co-marketing partnerships. Most likely the wrong box art was used.

Transistor1124d ago

I guess we'll find out soon. It looks to me, like PlayStation has it. But you never know.

Kayant1124d ago


What exactly is that supposed to show? that's what Transistor is talking about and like shown in my previous comment it doesn't mean anything because Watchdogs with "timed content" doesn't have that on it's box box art.

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Magicite1124d ago

If Batman, MGS5, COD BO 3 and Battlefront are marketed for PS4, then You guys might have a clue whats gonna happen in 2nd quarter of 2015 :D

DarkOcelet1124d ago

Even though The Witcher 3 is being marketed towards the Xone. It will still sell the most on PS4.

PS4 is the home of RPG games.

mark_parch1124d ago

I can play all those games on xbox one. What exclusives are coming out on ps4 before Christmas?

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shloobmm31124d ago

What's weird is i saw it was running prealpha on xbox one.

PistolsAtDawn1124d ago

They are both online games, so they will both be X1 buys for fact they are both already pre-ordered. I can't wait for both of these games.

spicelicka1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

That's good tbh, I'd rather have MS invest money on Halo 5. Sony is trying to secure deals because they don't have many games this fall. Not being a fanboy though, MS did the same thing with Xbox 360 when it lacked games. Next year Sony has a much better lineup, so i doubt we'll see as many exclusives deals.

extermin8or1124d ago

Might be no ones got marketing rights and Activision just picked ps2 because of larger install Base growing at faster rate. Fastest rate any console ever has even the ps2 despite greater competition. Go figure.

VealParmHero1124d ago

I wouldn't yet jump to conclusions, though I wouldn't be all that shocked to know it was marketed toward ps4. I think at this point it is plausible that ps4 is a bit easier to develop for and a bit stronger so it has taken the lead for development purposes and then sort of gets ported over to x1. I'm not sure but I just don't think this really confirms anything yet.

LuditPRIME1124d ago

@DarkOcelet and everyone else.

Have you guys seen the offical playstation page on youtube. The new reveal trailer is not even on there. (Its on the official xbox page). So mabey this entire article is nothing but nit picking.

If it was the case that sony was the main platform to be advertised on then you can bet money that youtube would of been 1st or the second thing to be asked as a place to be advertise for that platform.

EvilWay1124d ago

No Xbox will always have the marketing for Cod because of MLG.

Didn't they run AW on PS4 at first as well?

DoubleM701124d ago

You do know Sony pays for the marketing. Why spend 40 50 million for the marketing rights when you can put that money towards another AAA exclusive game. Microsoft is doing it right this time. Most likely it's still going to sell well on both consoles.

DarkOcelet1124d ago

Even if they didnt, it will still sell more on PS4.

And we have yet to see an exclusive from MS this year so..

fayz1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

how is cod being more marketed towards ps4? they have to make for both platforms, its understandable why they have ps4's on display.

xbox has always been the best place for cod

dedicated servers
the controller
xbl not being down often like psn
the 1 month early dlc
the dashboard features

pixel counting wont make much of a difference when they both look visually identical unless you look at it under a microscope.

deal with it.

DarkOcelet1123d ago

My friend, i could care less about COD in general but the idea here is that PS4 has double the fanbase than the Xone so it will sell much more there so the controller/dedicated servers/1 month early dlc/dashboard features wont help that much really.

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Nirvana315911124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I'm glad they're choosing PS4 as their lead platform. At least now we won't have to deal with weird resolution and frame dips

MasterBaker1124d ago

Not trolling here, but didn't the Xbox version of advanced warfare have a better frame rate than the ps4 version in campaign? ( I could be wrong)

cee7731124d ago


ps4 has the better fps on the online portion on cod:aw you know while having a slight dip during story mode

gfk3421124d ago

NO, the Ps4 received an update further to which the frame rate issues from the campaign were eliminated.

DF compared the the frame rate of the PS4 (with the last patch) against the PS3/X360.

The above video clearly shows improvements (a nearly perfect 60 fps) from the initial/un-patched version used in the initial face-off.

Please compare the two PS4 play through and you will see that the patched version (the video in the first link) shows major improvements regarding the frame rate in the campaign.

deadpoolio3161124d ago

When did Killzone 4 come out? Damn it I missed that one, last I checked Shadowfall was the last one released and Guerrilla has stated that wasn't Killzone 4

AutoCad1124d ago

Is the Division PS4 lead platform too?

mkis0071124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

New IP, The Witcher 3 vs Star Wars, Call of Duty, MGS5 and Batman...Which would you take if you wanted to sell exclusive console bundles?

WilDRangeRfc1124d ago

X1 is,still buying it on my PS4 though,exclusives only on Xbox for me this gen

Kayant1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

What does Ubisoft have to do with Activision?

Manic20141124d ago

But wait the eurogamer site states they were showcased on Xb1, PS4 and PC...

Rookie_Monster1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Of course world factory would only say PS4 on the title so it will attract traffic at N4G. It is how it works. Yea, Eurogamer did see all three versions running With the PC displaying 4k graphics but I guess the hope of a lead platform and maybe a marketing deal for Sony is a lot click bait worthy for folks here.

marlinfan101124d ago

That doesn't fit people's agenda on here though so we won't see much. As soon as people start realizing this, we'll hear about how cod sucks and thr marketing isn't worth it lol

aceitman1124d ago

In other words shown on all 3 ps4 ,x1 ,pc it didn't state on shown on x1. But if u notice xbox , Spencer or major Nelson hasn't really shown of bo3 on twitter. And he usually boost about cod, but not this time. While we have to wait and see , there is some changes that happened with Activision an ms with bo3.

bigpiece1124d ago

Not so sure there is a marketing deal with sony in affect as the official xbox channel posted up the trailer on their youtube channel and playstation hasnt yet. Remember battlefronts trailer was instantly shown on the playstation channel and not on xbox for awhile. Hopefully nobody has exclusive content for it and everyone gets to play the game at the same time with all the perks.