Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies will be “totally unique, mind-blowing”

Welcome back Treyarch’s “own unique brand of mind-fuckery” to Call of Duty.

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DarkOcelet908d ago

I am pretty sure they will invent a zombie that can wallrun and stuff like that.

But i have to say, that was one of the awesome reason to own Black Ops.

Although i really hope they put more effort in the story just like Black Ops 1.

StrayaKNT908d ago

Zombies is the reason I'm buying this game. Cod zombies is just amazing fun.

Toiletsteak908d ago

It use to be fun but they changed it too much and now it is boring.

spicelicka907d ago

They should just make a full zombie campaign and the regular multiplayer. People love zombies a lot more than the games story mode.

StrayaKNT907d ago

I have wanted that for years lol I wish

Sureshot908d ago

Call of duty [insert subtitle here] will be totally unique and mind blowing

MRMagoo123908d ago

Any more truth fact and it would cause a black hole, yet people still believe it every single frgging time.

Peace_Love_and_FPS907d ago

[Insert username]

[Insert identical criticism of CoD last year]

(Add salt, tears and time which could be used doing something else rather than ragging on CoD again)

bouzebbal908d ago

haven't they been repeating this for every single episode?

Akira2020908d ago

I guess to them, why fix something that's not broken. Though to smart gamers like you (and most here), we know that until profits plummet in the series; Activision will allow said studios to keep putting out the same rehashed game every year.

MRMagoo123908d ago

The problem is they have been fixing what hasnt been broken, COD was fine in MW, MW2, blops and [email protected] they broke it afterwards.

nucky64908d ago

remember when he talked about zombies this way before bo2?....and then we get ONE zombie map when the game launched - and it was transit......I pretty much ignore mark lamia now.

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