Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 World Reveal - Multi-player, Zombies, and Campaign Details Revealed

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 New Gameplay Modes, Multi-player Specialists, Campaign setting and Power Cores, and Zombies Details Revealed

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Ghost_of_Tsushima995d ago

I thought another studio was porting the game to last gen consoles?

"UPDATE 3: Black Ops 3 is a Current-Gen Exclusive Title"

Travis3708995d ago

YES! We are finally moving on from last gen.

nX995d ago

Now only the sports games have to make the move... it's definitely good for the quality of these games and it should sell a ton of next-gen consoles.

ps4gamer1983995d ago

But it looks like a last gen game. Even current gen Advanced Warfare looked better.

Skate-AK995d ago

At the end of the article it says, "The game is also schedule to be released on PS3 and Xbox 360, however reports are now stating that the last-gen version is being developed by another company, with Treyarch putting all of its attention on the current-gen version."

GenuineGamer995d ago

That was at the end of the original article. They listed the updates at the top and Update 3 says current gen only so i don't think that statement is accurate.

iistuii995d ago

Coop campaign with 4 players will be good. About time, I think all games like this should have coop. Also did I read current gen only ? Wow, there will be a lot of new consoles sold in November whatever people say on here it'll sell millions & will force people who haven't upgraded yet to do so..

CaptainSheep995d ago

Haven't bought a single COD since the first BO but woah, those classes sound fun. And the 4 player coop campaign is really great too.

Palitera995d ago

Über profit.