New Mario Kart 8 Track is Riddled with Easter Eggs

On Friday Mario Kart 8 fans finally got to take on the 2nd major DLC for the couch co-op racer, the Animal Crossing Pack and there are many Easter Eggs to hunt!

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ZeroSkerbo847d ago

I love the new DLC tracks, even better then the first set. Special shout out for Big Blue!

847d ago
YoungKingDoran847d ago

Say what you (and I...) will about Nintendo, but damn they are good at what they do.

847d ago
INTOmyMOUTH847d ago

Yeah but these aren't necessarily easter eggs, right? I mean the tracks themselves are game related so the stuff is just there cause why wouldn't it be. Makes sense when you break it down and stop before justifying the cause to make an asset a specific, rule abiding easter egg?

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