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GR-UK writes: "It feels as if Treyarch has thought of everything this time around. They have finally been given enough time to realise their dream game, and the early version is very promising. Many will consider it just a continuation of the concepts laid down in Advanced Warfare (which in turn was inspired by Titanfall), and initially we felt we'd do better with a different Call of Duty, one that didn't involve future wars or super-soldiers.

"However, after having played Black Ops 3, we've changed our minds. Treyarch does Call of Duty better than anyone, and with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 it comes into focus why their games have been so successful. The recently introduced three-year development cycle seems to have done wonders for the series, and it's looking like it's going to allow for a ton of innovation which each entry."

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moomoo3191000d ago

Did you say advanced warfare was inspired by titanfall? It was in development years before titanfall was announced.

KyRo1000d ago

Did anyone else see down the bottom, just after the article. Offline players 1-2. Online players 1-40?

MRMagoo123999d ago

I wouldn't listen to any previews of COD , every new COD gets the same preview comments about how it's so much better than the last and how so many changes make it better, then it releases and doesn't come close to COD 4 ir even [email protected]

Rimeskeem1000d ago

I honestly don't know what to think about the game right now. I'm so pissednoff that they went the futuristic shooter route but now all this talk about the game makes me think differently. I'm not gonna pre order it until I have seen actual gameplay and advise others to do the same.

LoneWolf1811000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

Hated Ghosts and AW but I've always loved Treyarch's games. I was glad when I heard the the next CoD might be set in WWII but now I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I still plan on preording though. Since they have the beta I'll wait until I actually play it to make a final decision but it's not looking good so far. If worse comes to worst, I'll just grab it in a year or two when it hits sub $20 just so I can play zombies.

Rimeskeem1000d ago

Sorry didn't mean to disagree with you. I might pay 5 dollars to get the pre order down and access the beta but if I don't like it then I'm just gonna cancel the pre order.

LoneWolf1811000d ago

If you order online you don't have to waste $5. Order on Bestbuy or Amazon and they just put a hold on your account for a couple of days but you get the money back if you cancel. That's what I did with the Destiny beta.

Ninver1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

I feel like this is just a AW dlc. When a game makes me feel like that intend to keep away so I'm sorry Treyach but I'm skipping this.

DarkOcelet1000d ago

Plot twist: Every COD after COD4 is a dlc for it.

And i am still waiting for COD5

lunatic0001999d ago

Same here haha...if I ever get a cod game ever will be cod5

Unreal011000d ago


I'm sorry but the chances are you're not going to skip it. Actually I reckon about 90% of people who say they'll skip it or hate this and that about it will pick it up day one haha.

joel011000d ago

I am not a huge fan of cod or anything but @ Ninver and DarkOcelet , did you expected a racing game with the COD name..ofcourse they are gonna have the same fast paced , over the top fun gameplay ..that's what sequels mean right ?

MRMagoo123999d ago

If it was the same "Fun " gameplay as COD4 or [email protected] or even blops1 I would buy it but the games are no where near as good any more.

SolidDuck999d ago

Will it have dedicated servers? If not than count me out. COD is always a huge lagfest compared to other shooters. I don't get it with all the money they make.

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