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Alexious1126d ago

Battlefront is light years ahead graphically.

Imp0ssibl31126d ago

This doesn't even seem better than AW on that front...

HaveSumNuts1126d ago

They have been using the same engine since COD 4. I can still tell they're still using it. COD hasn't been graphically impressive since 2007. I wonder how people don't get tired of buying the same game every year.

OrangePowerz1126d ago

Don`t know HaveSumNuts, maybe because it`s not the same game every year?

Vegamyster1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Eh, the issue i had with AW was how jerky & spammy the exo movements were. This looks closer to how Titanfall works which i'd be happy with because it was done very well. I'm interested in seeing how Co-op is and how the movement system will work with Zombies.


It's not like the game looks bad and like all CoD's it will be 60 fps, plus not everyone buys CoD every year, this looks nothing like CoD 4 lol.

TrollsBringer1126d ago

Meh. It's like Advanced Warfare 2.

Enyxodin1126d ago

Actually worse I would say! Just look at the explosions

nX1126d ago

This doesn't even seem better than Black Ops 1/2 if you ask me. Battlefront will probably be my FPS this year.

morganfell1126d ago

No Alexious, the reveal trailer for Battlefront is light years ahead. The fact that you have apparently been fooled by Dice tells me their sleight of hand has done its work on you.

And what does Battlefront have to do with this game? Haven't the devs repeatedly stated they aren't making the known competitor to COD which is Battlefield? This game is simply staying true to its roots while adding a 4 player coop through the single player campaign. You do know what a SP campaign is, do you not?

HammadTheBeast1126d ago


According to multiple sources who actually saw the game, it looks just like the reveal trailer, and DICE has rolled CoD games graphically for years.

starchild1126d ago

It looks pretty damn good for a 60fps game. The vast majority of games on consoles are 30fps, keep that in mind.

morganfell1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

At Hammad, What sources? It doesn't look as good. The top story here recently were the comments from Gamespot and they said flatly, unequivocally that it did not look as good. They also stated that what they did see appears to have been scripted. The next time someone throws out the phrase "They say..." then back it up with a link. Whether you are right or not, drop a link.

Revolver_X_1126d ago

LMAO, look at you mentioning a COD campaign like its actually relevant. Zombie mode and MP is the reason Black Ops sells so well, this is the unequivocal fact.

lastdual1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

At least this looks like what players will actually get. If you really think Battlefront's gameplay will match that reveal trailer, I have a bridge to sell you...

(Eh, it's bad when I'm actually defending Activision, but after all the depressing news out of EA, my expectations are pretty low on that front)

Crimzon1126d ago

People wonder why the games industry is the way it is these days, with terrible games that sacrifice gameplay for nice graphics and marketing/advertising that deliberately misleads consumers with supposed "gameplay" footage that is lightyears beyond what the actual games look/play like and only results in crushing disappointment when these titles release.

Then I look at comment sections like these that are full of people whining about graphics, and suddenly it all makes sense.

raptorjacob1125d ago

Eh, I've never liked treyarch's cods. I feel like I'm the only one though. I wish they would just make a greatest hits with the best multiplayer maps and sell it for $30.

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Transistor1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Journalists are playing it on PS4.

It appears PlayStation got the marketing deal.

MasterCornholio1126d ago

Now that's pretty interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

Transistor1126d ago

From what I'm hearing, this isn't the end of Sony pulling out the cash for this holiday.

If it means what I think it means, it's big.

Monolith1126d ago

At least they brought back dismemberment

Transistor1126d ago

More information for those interested.

It's 60 fps on both. 1080p on PS4 and unannounced resolution on Xbox One, presumably sub 1080p.

RiseofScorpio1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Are you sure? I was expecting a PS logo infront of this trailer if it had a marketing deal. Plus it was available for pre order first on Xbox.

Rookie_Monster1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Wow, and now PS fans love COD that it might have a chance to be marketed with a Sony logo when you guys hated the series for the longest. LoL.

This never gets old. Smh

marlinfan101126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

It appears you're wrong lol you've been pushing this so hard the last month or two, give it a rest. They showed the trailer on all 3 platforms, xbox first, then ps4 and then pc in 4k. Seems like there is no marketing deal for either platform. They're probably just playing on ps4 since it most likely runs better


Exactly. Once people realize that it doesn't seem there's a marketing deal for either console, the ppl above will go straight back to hating it. I've never seen so much talk over marketing as I have these past few weeks since star wars. It's amazing.

Transistor1126d ago

"It appears you're wrong lol you've been pushing this so hard the last month or two, give it a rest."

I registered with this site a week ago, check my profile.

Rookie_Monster1126d ago


You registered a week ago and you already sounding like a N4G veteran and got 2 additional bubbles. Well done, continue pouring those anti-xbox posts and you will be a rock star here soon. :)

marlinfan101126d ago

I guess you've been regurgitating the same thing over and over so much it seems like it's been longer than it has been. I'm glad out of the points I've made, that's the only thing you could come up with a response too lol.

Izzy4081126d ago

It's probably against MS's interest to market a game that will be competing against Halo 5.

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Smitty20201126d ago

I totally agree with you. I used too enjoy cod games but like u said its the same every year. If I watched the trailer wrong didn't I see exo suits again? I hate them lol

1126d ago
UKmilitia1126d ago

those graphics look crap to me.
not as in youtube crap,just crap.

ghosts looked better.

Unreal011126d ago

Congrats on the comment.

starchild1126d ago

Well, your eyes are broken then. These graphics are pretty good, and absolutely amazing for a 60fps game. I don't even like COD that much and haven't bought any for years, but some of you are such hyperbolic haters. Crap? That's just such a huge exaggeration.

Revolver_X_1126d ago

If I remember correctly, Starchild, don't you game on PC? Your saying this looks "pretty good" and "absolutely amazing" for a 60fps game. Are you sure you play on PC?

starchild1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Yes, it looks pretty good for a game that rus at 60fps on consoles. There's no contradiction there. The fact it runs at twice the framerate means it has half the graphics resources to draw from. This limits the way it will look on all the platforms because devs are never going to build different versions from the ground up.

Of course games like The Witcher 3 or Batman Arkham Knight that only run at 30fps on consoles will look better on PC at 60fps than Black Ops 3 will at 60fps.

But anyone saying this game looks like "crap", especially considering it runs at twice the framerate as most console games, is just speaking nonsense.

I'm not even planning to get this game and I'm not really interested in defending the game itself. I'm just sick of the ridiculous negative hyperbole of some gamers. If you don't like something don't buy it. But why lie about it just because you don't like it?

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finbars751126d ago

Thought I was watching a titan fall 2 trailer possibly. Looks terrible as usual. Give me a World At war 2 and then where talking. Other then that this game looks blahhh

lawgone1126d ago

I'm with you...a WW2 focusing on Europe would be awesome using this current gens power for improved graphics. Or a Modern Warfare that is "modern" and not futuristic, with currently available weapons that look, sound and feel like their real life counterparts. COD used to have a good mix of realism and fun. They've gone too far away from the realism part in ironically, that's lowered the fun quotient as well.

Magicite1126d ago

We haven't seen Battlefront in-game gameplay yet, they only showed in-engine trailer.

Erik73571126d ago

That game is going to shit on this game.

Enyxodin1126d ago

I cant understand where ur disagrees come from? Do people have common sense these days...

jc121126d ago

yeah, honestly this looks like the same old crap...unrealistic over the top storyline no one would believe in a million years, frenetic, overly scripted action, same old graphics, limited physics, limited realtime destruction.

Count me out.

AshleeEmerson1125d ago

Ok... jc12... "You are hereby counted out... Now scram!" :)

jc121125d ago

Thanks. I was afraid somebody might try and count me in...

Antifan1126d ago

Because it wasn't built from the ground up. I'm pretty sure this game is reusing assets from AW. How else do you think they can keep up with the yearly releases?

3-4-51125d ago

* Well it's 3 different studios with 3 year dev cycles...that is how.

The problem is they all pretty much make the same game.

* Let 1 make COD let the others make 2 brand new IP's.

StarLord_Who1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

It's nice to know that the only thing that matters to you is what the game looks like.

Two things, Advanced Warfare looked better than Battlefield 4, the old Dice game and "Call of Duty's shooting mechanics are 2nd to none" - Colin Moriarty. A citable gaming 'expert'

So even though the gameplay is being updated (something that always gets mentioned) the majority of people are moaning on thise thread because it looks the same as Advanced Warfare graphically...a year later....on the same engine...from a sister studio...from The same series?


Halo2ODST21126d ago

Graphics don't mean crap

3-4-51125d ago

* It looks.......boring.

REDGUM1125d ago

I can see the disagree's coming but this looks alot like the crysis games to me.
Nothing majorly new to see here...... to me.

AceBlazer131125d ago

I haven't been interested in a CoD for about the last 3-4 releases, not even the trailers got me interested in them. But i have to admit this one seems to grab my interest seems like a nice step out of the comfort zone for a CoD.

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Crazay1126d ago

Interesting. Feels and looks like there's some serious inspiration from Titan Fall going on in here

Alexious1126d ago

I'd say more than that...

Crazay1126d ago

If Advanced Warfare and TitanFall were to make a baby - this is the offspring

DefenderOfDoom21126d ago

Looks a little like Wolfenstien New Order .

Vegamyster1126d ago

Not really a bad thing, i preferred Titanfalls movement mechanics over AW's.

Sarah_Ch1126d ago

For a while thought it was titanfall 2, but I'm ok with it.

micx1126d ago

Interestingly enough, I feel Titanfall was the only one that actually tried to reinvent (refresh, better said) the Call of Duty formula, and it's not even Call of Duty.

Str8Chaos741126d ago

Agreed, I love Titanfall, still play it all the time. Can't wait for the new one.

DarkOcelet1126d ago

Crysis+Titanfall+Deus Ex = Black Ops 3

Are you telling me the wall running has been in planning three years ago? They ripped it off TitanFall.

The game seriously looks like a ripoff of every game thats been made. I cant see anything original in here.

And how the hell are they shooting so fast in the water? lol

micx1126d ago

Interestingly enough, from other shooter taking notes from Call of Duty, we've come to Call of Duty taking notes from other shooters.

Erik73571126d ago

Honestly the graphics look bad

The characters and voice acting look stupid

And the game looks like every other cod and just gets stupider and stupider with more and more explosions desperately trying to out do the other cod that came out last year!

OrangePowerz1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Titanfall wasn't the first game with wall running, did they also rip it off or was it in that case taking inspiration?

In the trailer I don`t really see anything that reminds me of Crysis.

Mikefizzled1126d ago

The melee combat is very similar to that of Crysis. Other than that I'm not sure.

MonsterChef1126d ago

Not only that but the way the character uses those nano bots reminds me if crysis

Erik73571126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

No, but its odd how COD decides to adapt those features out of the years it had the chance too right after Titanfall comes out.

Titan fall got attention at e3, the cod developers noticed it. It may not be considered copying to you (and me) but its defiantly taking its inspiration from Titanfall wither titan fall was the first to have those mechanics or not. All its trying to do is safe itself from the stale gameplay that has plagued this series.

I want good level design!
I want good characters and story!
I want good art-style and real talent put into the environment and models! If your going to have a shitty graphic engine at-least have a good art direction! None of that which this game has
I love it how its playing a pop-culture song because it's own soundtrack is probably down right uninspired generic garbage, that's what I think if a developer decides not to put it in their reveal trailer. Halo and Dues ex human don't play pop-culture song in there trailers because there is huge talent behind the music being made for those games! They may use a pop song but that's only for AD's or a launch trailer. It's a bad sign when you have to use a pop song for your trailer's music for your reveal trailer.

This game is dead to me.

OrangePowerz1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Having songs in trailers for Black Ops games is standard previously as example they had Back in Black from AC/DC. I dont see how its a bad sign if they stick to their style of doing trailers..

lawgone1126d ago

It seems kind of silly to use a 1960's song that's heavily affiliated with Vietnam for a futuristic game. I do't like it.

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EazyC1126d ago

Amphibious weapons were first developed in the 1960s in the USSR, and they could be fired underwater with reasonable accuracy for up to 45 m, and at a velocity not too short of land-based ballistics.

Check this out, and take into account the game is set 30+ years in the future or something.

For what it's worth though DarkOcelet, I think the game looks like utter toss!The only thing remotely interesting is the prospect of split-screen new-gen zombies, and I'm certainly not forking out full-whack RRP for that alone.

StrayaKNT1126d ago

Wow this is a step in the wrong direction and I'm a huge cod fan. We need to go back to our roots and make cod how it was back in the modern warfare days. I still have this pre ordered though.