Black Ops III Will Feature Season Pass With 4 DLC Packs

The leaked Call of Duty: Black Ops III images confirm that there will be a season pass and it will include DLC packs.

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Imp0ssibl31090d ago

They're so predictable at this point....

Thatguy-3101090d ago

Just like the majority of the multiplayer games that been coming out.

Erik73571089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

Some stuidos no...

Hell I rember playing bf3 and Halo and they we're having dlc come out a year after their game came out and when a new cod was coming out cause the dlc for last years cod came right after launch unlike halo and battlefield.....cause they actually did not take content out of the game. (edit yea pre order bf dlc bullshit but I can tell you a lot more work was put into the dlc than COD DLC.)

hduce1089d ago

This comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone. Next year's Call of Duty will have a season pass with 4 dlc packs. You heard it here first.

DxTrixterz1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

Since Blops 1 they've been making 4 DLC packs for each game so why am I not surprised?

nucky641090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

yea, and their "great price" (for dlc) is almost the full price of a new game. i'll have to pass until I can get the game for 15 to 20 dollars off of ebay or amazon.

Alexious1090d ago

That might just be a good idea

DxTrixterz1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

Anyone clever would be buying games that have season passes second hand. If not you basically end up paying for one game twice. Also it's funny that base COD game has approximately 10-16 maps per game and DLC adds like 16-20 more. Basically they put less maps on base game on purpose so people would buy DLC.

UKmilitia1089d ago

the other year at tesco in uk they had buy the game and a £25 psn card for £50 or the game for £40.
it was a weird promo but they always do silly things that like thats obviously great for consumer

nucky641090d ago

exactly - the "complete" game is actually going to cost around 120 dollars (if paying launch price and with season pass).

and I wonder if this "deepest and most complete CoD" will launch with only one zombie map like BO2 did.

bobsmith1090d ago

its 110
60 for game and 50 for season pass to save 10 off buying dlc packs individually
get the 100 dollar version to save another 10
get it during a spend 100 get 15 back ps store deal and its like getting it for 85.
and get the ps cards on sale when the $50 cards are $40 each save another 20 and its like you got it for 65 lol

Oschino19071090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

^^^ bobsmith gets it.

Except the season pass has always been $50. Also you can usually find deals before launch or get money off digital pre-order. Waiting a few weeks for Black Friday can save you even more.

If you are waiting for it to be $15-$20 you clearly have very little interest in the game as you will be waiting a year or more to get it.

dcj05241089d ago

How is dLc part of the game?

Chris_Wray1090d ago

I've been at the stage of "Fed up" with Call of Duty and the mass amounts of DLC, high priced at that, and no real value to it. Well, I suppose there's some value if you play the MP religiously, but that's about it.

Still a shame that it's become so prevalent. I'm just expecting another bland samey FPS.

Aurenar1090d ago

People should just stop preordering videogames, I think.

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