Black Ops III's singleplayer campaign takes COD off-rails

Call Of Duty isn't usually recognised as being particularly innovative, because most of its experiments take place within the strictures imposed by its spectacularly cinematic campaigns, fan expectations, and each game's short development cycle.

There have been efforts to shake things up over the years – the RTS-style Strike missions in Black Ops 2 and the exo abilities in last year’s excellent Advanced Warfare spring to mind – but there’s always the familar beats of a stealth level or two, some on-rails turret sections, and vehicle passages that never quite feel like their inclusion in completely justified.

With Black Ops 3, Treyarch appears to finally be making substantive changes to a gameplay formula that has been refined and recycled over and over since 2007’s Modern Warfare: it’s adding co-op functionality for up to four, and in the process is removing the rails from under a game that’s trundled along them for more than a decade.

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DarkOcelet1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Didnt they say that about Ghosts and then later about Advanced Warfare?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I will get this one day but i will honestly not expect a huge change in a COD game. Although it will be awesome to play the campaign CO-OP with my brother.

secretcode1035d ago

They said there'd be more choice in Black Ops 2 which was TECHNICALLY right. I don't remember such talk about Advanced Warfare.

I'll have to wait and see, myself. Even though I'm a dumb and will PROBABLY buy it regardless.

Septic1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Off rails for this means a few extra windows break.

The game is horribly rigid and even Advanced Warfare suffered from it.

The devs behind COD just cannot help themselves, they can't dare deviate from the same old template. Its not a sandbox, just the same formula over and over.

Sorry but I don't believe it one bit. I'll be happy to be proven wrong but I severly doubt I will be.


joab7771035d ago

I havnt bought the last 2, after buying the first 6, and with the lineup this yr, I doubt it. Wish they'd just sell zombies for $20.

Anyway, I'm gonna miss the character "follow". He was my favorite. I wonder how they will handle his death scene...llol!

Actually, I find it funny that they say they are in the process of removing the rails from under the game, like they built it normally, and now they are gonna go

Summons751035d ago

They same the same PR crap every game. When the "reveal" the multiplayer you can bet they will pick out one small new feature call it innovative and something no other game has the Fish AI. Its always the same.

BattleReach1035d ago

Well, 4 player co-op, wall running, beta coming with pre-order, specialists, multiplayer at gamescom..

joab7771035d ago

So, it's Titanfall with a sp and zombies. Hmmm

SilentNegotiator1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Fool me a dozen times, then I'm a COD fan. lol

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Master-H1035d ago

Hopefully it's decent. IMO Blops2 had the weakest campaign in the series to date. It was just so boring and all over the place. Ghosts and AW despite being overall worse games than Blops 2, had better campaigns.

Solid_Penguin-641035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Ghosts campaign was by far the worst. Main antagonist is an ex-ghost who gets upset at being left behind by his team when they couldn't save him anyway. Any soldier should expect that scenario as a possibility and is not a reason for "revenge". Plus (spoiler though there's not anything good enough to warrant one) main protagonists dad gets shot 50 times and then dies and the baddie gets shot in the chest with a .44 and swims with full strength afterward? Biggest negative though is not one single memorable character.

IMO Blops 2 was one of the best campaigns, the only one at that that gave a degree of control to the player. Though slightly miffed that it was obvious that Mason was the one with a bag over his head and so shot him once in the leg, didn't work and so then shot the guys either side of him prompting a "mission failed" game over screen, making me believe you had to shoot him in the head. Only then realising at the end you have to shoot him three times in the leg, that was BS.

DragoonsScaleLegends1035d ago

Lol I finished Ghosts story. AW I didn't even finish because it got so boring and obvious what was going to happen next. I think COD4 and MW2 were the only CODs with a interesting story(I've not played Black Ops). All the rest after feel like generic action movies.

Blackleg-sanji1035d ago

I must say I'm falling for the cod hype this time around I enjoyed AW, and this one seems to be hitting all the right notes to me personally plus 4 player co open campaign??!! Who's not excited for that

Unreal011035d ago

Wow there's a lot of Cod haters in here, making judgments on a few seconds of gameplay. Black Ops 3 certainly has me interested, can wait to see more.

Blackleg-sanji1035d ago

Wait did I miss type something or are ppl disagrees because I like what I saw?

MysticStrummer1035d ago

Judgments are being made based on years of past history and the revealed gameplay.

MysticStrummer1035d ago

You really think it's not possible to disagree with anything you said? In that short comment I see three different things that could earn an honest disagree.

hooba931035d ago

Hey if you enjoy it then thats cool, it's just not for me. I realized that despite my and many others hate for the game, there are just as many if not more who find enjoyment in cod every year so who am I to demand activision to stop this series.

RJ920091035d ago

If the said game is like what they just said then yeah count me in but I will wait a few days after it comes out so do work and u got 60 bucks from me.

Crummybear1035d ago

This sounds awesome. 4 player co-op with tons of customizations sounds like Borderlands type gameplay. Plus I'm really excited to see the enhanced gore effects lol. Now, let's talk zombies...

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