Mass Effect 4 Level Designer On The Game's Development Progress, 'Makes Me So Excited To Build It"

Jos Hendriks on how he approaches level design in the next Mass Effect.

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DarkOcelet880d ago

Can you at least show us an image of the level so we can be 'Excited' with you?

Saijahn880d ago

This is getting ridiculous they keep releasing snippets of reactions and no real info on the game. It's been in development for years now. So I say boycott anything they release until it's actual information.

BattleAxe880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

"Level designer working on Mass Effect 4 says he 'likes to make games'..."


Nothing to see here folks...../thread

chrissx880d ago

I guess we shall see something at e3

NixonMonoxide880d ago

Just show the bloody game already.

Rebel_Scum880d ago

GamingBolt, I should've known. Almost every bit of Mass Effect "news" from them has been from Twitter and contained very little substance.

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