Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Only Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, More Info Released

According to an extensive preview of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 by Mashable (taken down), the game will only be launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.
In addition, in-game screenshots of the game were also shown off.

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JMaine518845d ago

Wow I didn't think they would take the leap and leave last gem behind. Good

Transistor845d ago

They should have left it behind last time. It true, good one on Activision.

NewMonday845d ago

this will lead to a big increase in new generation console adoption, great timing by Sony in getting exclusive marketing rights.

along with Halo5 being new gen only, 2015 is the twilight of the 360/PS3 era

secretcode845d ago


Not to mention Batman, Star Wars Battlefront (Which will be a big title regardless of quality, I'm afraid) and allegedly Assassin's Creed as well. Super happy.

Transistor845d ago

I've heard this might not be entirely true. They will either announce the last gen versions later by another studio or they could be different like Declassified.

We should find out shortly.

moldybread845d ago

hallelujah, this confirms last generation is finally coming to a close.

thekhurg845d ago


Sony has marketing rights for the new CoD?

LOL_WUT845d ago

I heard a rumor it was also coming to the Wii U? Guess this pretty much confirms that was fake. Don't really care about CoD but i'm glad they won't be focusing on last-gen either (PS3 & X1). ;)

Habylab845d ago


Yep, check Charlie Intel

mikeslemonade845d ago

Great, I will buy it because they support only current gen.

But I've only liked the modern and future games in COD. World at War, Black Ops etc. are lame.

BeefCurtains844d ago

Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that all top 5 news articles are for BO3, and all of them reveal so little information they could have just combined them in to one article?

shloobmm3844d ago

The official Xbox one youtube account had the video up first, and depending on who saw it it it ran on all three systems. i know at least 5 sites that only saw it running on Xbox One. In case everyone forgot, they were saying Sony had the marketing rights to Ghost also when they showed the game running on PS4 and not Xbox One. Look how that turned out.

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Xavior_Reigns845d ago

They're willing to risk it due to how fast this generation of PS/ Xbox consoles is selling.

jc12845d ago

Finally. They really need to overhaul their engine for current gen systems.

UKmilitia845d ago

it annoys me to say this but when games like COD and FIFA go new gen only its offically the end of last gen and it pushes so many people to adopt the new consoles.

sad but its very true to many gamers.

WilDRangeRfc845d ago

360 and PS3 have had their time this is good news,time to upgrade people

spacedelete845d ago

last gen should have died in 2012. the fact its hampered current gen consoles for almost 2 years is unacceptable. if COD can go current gen only i don't see why games like Persona 5 and MGS 5 still have last gen versions.

Magicite845d ago

This is pretty much last year for last gen.
PS3 might have Japanese support for a year or two tough.

hduce845d ago

I wonder if the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U are getting their own versions of Call of Duty? Sort of like how Ubisoft did with the Assassin's Creed series.

Gamer1982844d ago

This will sell consoles as this is one of those games that's your regular Joe buys who only buys 1 or 2 games a year and hasnt upgraded to a ps4 or xbone yet because of that reason. So thanks to it finally ditching older consoles MS and Sony will see a massive rise in consoles around launch and afterwards. The thing holding them both back is past console support. The sooner its dropped the sooner current consoles sell better.

DeadlyFire844d ago

You are crazy it is Activision. They are not leaving last gen behind. They just don't have Tryarch working on the last gen versions. The last gen ports are very likely being done by another dev team.

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Sarah_Ch845d ago

That's what I want to hear, I don't want to see any compromise in graphics

MrSwankSinatra845d ago

Hate to break it to you, but the graphics aren't impressive lol.

Unreal01845d ago

This guy above has played and completed it already it seems. Oh nope, he's just watching about 10 seconds of gameplay and basing his opinion on that.

Barricade845d ago

Yeah, but they're good enough to not make my eyes hurt. The fact that it's current gen only just makes me hope that they'll make this COD a lot bigger (as in better AI, more gameplay mechanics ... ) than the last ones.

Gamer1982844d ago

You need to see PC version its not that great to begin with..

Graphics aren't what gets the bump removing the older consoles what gets the bump is everything else. You can make bigger worlds, bigger maps, bigger storys, bigger everything!

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etownone845d ago


Thus is going to cause a huge increase in ps4/xb1 console sales..

bleedsoe9mm845d ago

ya still a very large number of cod copies last year were sold especially on the 360 . it will be interesting to see how ms and sony jockey for this consumer base ,this would be the time to make sure the jump to your console .

22CobraKing845d ago

Cod ghosts on ps4 sold more. But I think advance warfare on Xone sold a bit more not a huge gap.

bleedsoe9mm845d ago

@22CobraKing i don't claim to predict which way it will go just that when these people move the generation will be decided . and having no past gen version of cod is very important .

Theantidote619845d ago

Ghost and advanced warfare sold better combined on playstation consoles than Microsoft consoles.

TheRandomOne845d ago (Edited 845d ago )

So is Sonys E3 only gonna be third party games this year lol. Seems like everything is switching around. If Sony has the exclusivity deal & marketing rights

Dlacy13g845d ago

Trailer is out

They list Xbox One first for preorder so don't think Sony has this marketing deal.