Black Ops 3 Details Revealed Early, Has Destiny Like Super Moves

Some Details have leaked early regarding Black Ops 3 including Destiny like super moves and mid air direction changing jumps.

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Thatguy-3101154d ago

I don't mind the super moves just fix matchmaking to have people in the same skill points go against each other. That's the thing that pissed me off on destiny. I was placed with players with higher rank and powerful powers.

Summons751154d ago

So add Destiny to the list of games COD rips off of.

Unreal011154d ago

You people have to stop doing this haha. Take a look around, every game "copies" every game. It's almost impossible to be completely unique.

Baka-akaB1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

there is such a thing as at least trying to be .

And the old "everyone copies" schtick is abused . Every games does to various extend , but usually try to have their own creative feel , input , aesthetics , and ultimately soul on the game .

Here it feels each year like a mashup of popular stuff designed by marketing groups rather than game studios .

Even the trailer is an uninspired mash ... come on "Paint it black" really ? We haven't heard that enough in everything vietnam based in movies or games ? And the comment tropes of mixing up mockumentary footages about the future from every cyberpunk games and movies ? Really ?

Summons751154d ago

Sure games get inspired things from other games but 1) devs usually will admit it not pretend they invented it like Activision does and 2) they change it to make it their own take on it not a direct copy.

There is a difference between being inspired and "copying" and COD always copies and doesn't try to change anything which is why the game is never balanced.

nucky641154d ago

If I wanted a sci-fi or super-hero game, I'd buy one.....WTF are treyarch thinking?