Star Wars Battlefront Dev Defends Against Claims of Milking Products, Not Using 'Evasive Tactics'

DICE developer Jesper Nielsen on how they are working hard to develop a great game.

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uth111155d ago

"It’s ok if you don’t like it, but I get sad when people paint the picture of us just doing knowingly bad things. If you ever get the chance you visit DICE, I think you would quickly see how much passion and energy goes into games like these.”

But armchair developers don't need to do that, they know better than you how to make a great game, since they've made so many of them...

PaulKersey1155d ago

So now you have to make games to be able to judge one?

I guess movie reviews should now be outlawed unless the reviewer is a filmmaker. And restaurant reviews need to go to unless the reviewer is an executive chef.

See how silly that sounds?

thorstein1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Actually, that doesn't sound silly at all. In fact, all of the best cooking and restaurant shows feature CHEFS talking about the food.

And yes, I want a director to fill me in on which films he likes best.

While we are ai it, let's drop book critics as well.

uth111155d ago

Not as silly as judging a game before anybody's even seen or played it, as is happening with this game

Baka-akaB1155d ago

Then again , the better answer will be when you show the game ... Sure you can't or wont right now , but it's not much use trying to convince people that do need footage , with empty sacharine words .

TheBurger291155d ago

Exactly, are we just supposed to trust peoples words and a useless trailer? I think not. Especially when its a game from EA and DICE.

Baka-akaB1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Actually i'm still hyped . I do believe in the game , believe we'll get something rather close to the promised graphics , i'm just wary of their launches and the inevitable dlcs .

I just find it hilarious for them to play victims of slander , when they are aware of their own past launch fiasco , and how their PR looks right now . Not to mention after the whole year of people being paranoid thanks to Ubisoft .

Randostar1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

To be fair they do take a lot of flack that should be directed at EA. EA has strict launch times, games that are not finished get released anyway's. Also im not sure why people think the public didn't get to see gameplay..........Thousands of people at celebration saw it,i talked to a few of em and every single one I asked about graphics said it looked pretty close to the trailer, just not as high fidelity. Maybe they aren't putting lots of content in the game because they want it to have a successful launch and not another BF4 on their hands. I do understand that DICE is creating the game so its their job to make sure it's functioning properly before launch, but DICE is not allowed to blame EA for making them release a unfinished game. Im just glad another Battlefront is happening instead of none at all. Just to be clear thousands of public attendees at celebration got to see gameplay not just gaming journalists and sites.

ERFO1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

You know, we are a fickle bunch. I wrote a comment about how I'm sick of hearing about this game without seeing gameplay, and replies about how it's good marketing came out of the woodwork. Who, other than people behind the curtain, would defend DICE/EA in their smoke screen BS?




BattleAxe1155d ago

I'm happy that gamers have finally woken up to big publisher marketing techniques and the numerous let downs over the years. Also, it's good to see gamers talking about how much content gets released with a game at launch. Over the past 4 years in particular, we've been getting nothing but watered down experiences on release day with not all, but most games, with the intention of having gamers buy loads of DLC.

OrangePowerz1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I don't see the myriad of people bitching as woken up. You have people going on about there not being singleplayer content while it is confirmed that there are missions that can be played alone. You could call companies creedy, but you could also call some of those "woken up" gamers cheap. They want as much content as possible while paying as little as possible. All that while they buy games that cost huge amounts of money to make when they previously paid the same amount of money for far cheaper games.

They complain about lack of content and being forced to buy DLC to get the full game. You really think games in the past had more content? As example the first Battlefield had around the same amount of maps as BF4 and got several expansion packs that added more maps.

And games like Super Mario Bros. cost around the same to buy while being a lot cheaper to produce and have very little content while being artificially made harder to increase the game length.


You still get the "complete" product. That notion of gamers knowing if content is removed from the game and how the business works while they know nothing is a joke.

crazed_shadow271155d ago

Back then DLC used to be to get an extended experience once the game was complete. It used to be icing on the cake after the experience was over. Now it is to get a "complete" version of the game which the final product should have been.

Baka-akaB1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

That era never really existed . The very first dlcs were about conning people with reskins , maps and stuff there usually were freebies . And quickly enough people discovered content being locked on discs , then simply cut mid development once people were onto publishers .

True expansions and dlcs have always existed , and somehow always will , but were and still are a rare thing

Mr Lahey1155d ago

Gamers haven't woken up. I think people just really like to complain.. And gamers complaining on the internet is a loud bunch. Negative is the new lonely..

But yeah, big publisher marketing techniques (read capitalism) is fu*ked. It's all about profit in the end..

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ThanatosDMC1155d ago

Well, it's not the devs that milk the product but EA. They may work hard and are passionate about the game but doesnt mean EA wont milk the game.

pompombrum1155d ago

Exactly. Most of DICE's employees are no different from most of us, gamers who are extremely passionate about their hobby. The problem is that these employees will have next to no say on business decisions.

Activemessiah1155d ago

To be fair to the devs, they're trying to see if idiots keep falling it and low and behold... they do.

PaulKersey1155d ago

Never underestimate the power of Star Wars fanboyism.

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