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DarkOcelet1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

Really? COD for current gen only. Not bad at all. Finally, we are moving on.

Although, i am not a huge fan of the futuristic setting.

StrayaKNT1057d ago

Yeah I wish they would just get rid of all exo suits and give us a world at war 2.. Make it look so old school but with Amazing graphics. That would get me really hyped.

Jalva1057d ago

Black Ops was World at War 2, the only reason they changed the name was because people were complaining like crazy back then that they were tired of World War 2 and Activision wanted to distance it from the backlash it would've got if they called it World at War 2, same reason AC4 wasn't just called AC: Black Flag like it was originally going to be, Ubisoft wanted to distance it from the backlash AC3 got because both games looked quite similar.

Aery1057d ago

These images looks really awesome!

d_g1057d ago

the developers really need to move on for current gen only Games

TwoForce1057d ago

Hey man, I need you to understand. This is my opinion. I do love future setting and do love past setting game like Mafia 2, LA Noire and Brother in Arm. It is not easy to accept like this. This is kind awkward answer need to say. If developer want to go back to make World War 2 with amazing graphic, COD fans will be happy, but the thing is will limit gameplay and never go crazy. Because these people have to respect History game and make sure is not go too far. Even if Treyarch want to go back to make World War 2 with steampunk style, then how do you feel ? World War 2 game will never be a groundbreaking, but it sure make people feel happy and fresh. And now, future settings can be crazy, developer can go with crazy ideas and do what they do please. Sci fi games can go far beyond. And yes, future games can be boring, but what can we do ? That's my personal questions. I want you need to explain to me. Just need your opinion or fact.

yankolo1057d ago

This game sould not be current gen alot of people on 360 and ps3

secretcode1057d ago

Eventually the shift has to be made. With the Second Year of the PS4/XONE wrapping up a week after this game comes out: the time is now.

theshredded1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

hmm...this might actually be good but I really fear the weapons since that's what we're going to look at in the whole game,the game's setting is like 50 years in advance.I hope they won't have a lot of imaginary and fake weapons there
edit:is that the Russian dude in one of those images?!Oh god please don't tell me the story's going to be like Robocop or something stupid

Travis37081057d ago

Why did these people get downvotes? that's N4g for ya.

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