Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Scantily Dressed 13 Year Old

Straight off the bat, this is NSFW, as you might have guessed from the article title.

Some lucky people in Japan have received their copies of the new Xenoblade game, which is due to release on April 29th. Many have decided to stream the game on Twitch and hitbox which has shown off new content

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BrandanT846d ago

Don't all teens nowadays dress scantily.

Bansai846d ago

what's wrong with faces in this game, they're horrible :/

MrSwankSinatra846d ago

I said the exact same thing and people blasted me for it. You can't critique anything about nintendo otherwise it's a sin.

Activemessiah846d ago

Faces can be customised so don't worry... most people don't like the default look anyway.

LOL_WUT846d ago

Yeah the faces really stick out like a sore thumb wish they would spend more time on that. ;)

Griever846d ago (Edited 846d ago )


You cant fix the faces of the NPCs and party members. lol

As for 13 year old girl; they will just make her 18 years old in the western release. As an Asian I find it very amusing how the age 18 is an absolute standard and set in stone for Western people. I have been playing Bravely Default and was quite annoyed that they made every character above 18 in the western release and even censored some of the costumes. What if the government made 15 years of age the legal age of consent/maturity tomorrow?? Or what if they made 30 years the legal age of consent/maturity? Will people adjust their views suddenly? People need to understand that THEIR ways and THEIR laws are not absolute and not the only right ones. IMO it is all just cultural and quite arbitrary. No need to make a fuss over it if she 13 and wearing a bikini top.

N4g_null846d ago

Some one puts a custom outfit on the girl and some how monolith are the preverts. Interesting. Well you guys asked for this. You don't want nintendo to censor anything and that is what we get! No hold bars everything.

I think I'll leave her clothes on. Incoming patch in 3 2 1... imagine hearing the bastard that did this in voice chat... people on the Internet are just messed up that's all.

Griever846d ago


A pedophile is a person inflicted with the mental illness Pedophilia who is unable to find sexual gratification with adults. He solely targets children for his sexual gratification. Cultural and legal differences between countries cannot be labelled as pedophilia. In Japan legal age of consent/maturity is 13 years and they are well within their laws. In my country we consider 15 years of age old of enough to get married. They are not considered kids except for when speaking relatively in comparison to other older individuals. Western laws of 18 years of age do not apply to the whole world. Please educate yourself. A Sociology course would do you much good.

XenoUltra846d ago

apparently someone didnt play XenoSaga lel

Loadedklip846d ago

@ Griever People here in the United States are ignorant to the fact that 18 years of age is not even the age of consent in a lot of states.

New York is 17 while New Jersey is 16.
Every state has it's own rules for consent.

DragonKnight845d ago (Edited 845d ago )

First thing I thought of when I read the title.

*In complete sarcasm* "Oh no!"

Second thing I thought of.

Geez. You know, I really think there are people in the world actually determined to make video games have the impact on life they want them to have. What I mean by that is that countless studies have proven that games don't have the negative impact on life that people like Jack Thompson or Anita Sarkeesian have said that they do, but there are people determined to be examples of the idea that they do so they exaggerate every little thing as being a problem.

@Clown_Syndr0me: That was completely uncalled for. You aren't funny, or smart, for having said that.

@Griever: Exactly, cultural ideals are different across the world. There is even sociological and biological arguments stating that because society, Western mostly, forces people to remain as being seen as "children" until the age of 18 while their bodies have already entered adulthood at the onset of puberty, that many behavioural issues endemic to the ages of 13-18, and long term personality flaws afterward, are the result of the body being forced to suppress its adulthood to an arbitrarily decided societal age of maturity.

All minds develop at different rates, but all bodies are technically adult once puberty has started and fully matured once it stops. Some places in the world recognized this fact and developed their culture around it. Others strictly followed Puritanical religious thought and created arbitrary societal rules to govern what is and is not considered adulthood. Naturally, laws had to follow to "protect" the innocent. The motive isn't horrible, but the implementation has always, and will always, be woefully imperfect.

MilkMan845d ago

Same as Star Ocean 5. Compare them and you'll see.

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Xavior_Reigns846d ago

Pretty much... its called jailbait.

Naga846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

Except the age of consent in Japan is 13... so I guess there's no jail - just bait.

Eww. I felt dirty even saying that.

Xavior_Reigns846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

@ Naga

I was referring to girls elsewhere and especially in the US. It's disturbing how some of them can pull off the 21 look when they're just 14 or so.

Gotta have a good eye or you're** screwed.

dragongod64846d ago

Before I was even 13 years old i fell in love with a girl & if it was not for the law i would have mared her, 15yr old still in love, 18 still, For the past 20 I have loved her, I am 30.
Your age has little to do with when you should get mared.
Take it from some one who knows.

maximus1985846d ago

and all pedophiles have an excuse for what they find arousing

Concertoine846d ago

Are you calling him a pedophile for making an observation? Lol, this site...

BrandanT846d ago

Dude, I'm in high school and I often see girls dress in very revealing ways.

TrollsBringer846d ago

Two sisters in front of me. One is 18 and the other is 17. I find the latter sexier. Am I a sick pedofile pervert?

Snookies12846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

Haha, after reading all these comments I had to see the pic... Normally these issues with younger looking characters being under dressed are blown out of proportion. This time... It definitely does go a bit too far. I mean, I think strippers have more coverage on their chest than this outfit, lol.

Concertoine846d ago

I doubt this'll even make it to the west. They remove stuff like this from western versions all the time.

Lukejrl846d ago

Yea. I agree with everything. I will still play it for the actual game content, it is story that I focus on. Also in the last xenoblade chronicles changing armor actually change the character drawing. So I imagine that this is probably the generic swimsuit armor that fits on everyone. It would be your choice to put it on this caharacter

I work in a area where I had to get several record checks done Because dealing with minors is as common as adults. these kids dress as skimpy as possible. at one teen dance the organisers brought in couches for the kids to lounge on. We had to kick several out for basically screwing on the couches. They left the place a mess. We found tons of hotel shampoo bottles in bathrooms because they would empty the stuff at the hotel and fill them with liquor to sneak it passed security.

so from what I have seen this is not far off from what actual kids have worn. Does that make it right for adults to dress them that way? No, and really it is the parents who see that conduct as harmless that really degrades their own kids.

AWBrawler846d ago

oh shut up already! its no worse that sheena's swimsuit in Tsles of Symphonia, and she was what? 14? its a game. sheesh

Snookies12846d ago

@AWBrawler - Telling me to shut up is quite immature. I'm normally fine with whatever. I just said this goes a little overboard with it... Not outright crucifying it. Just saying, they should have been a little more tasteful...

Segata846d ago

Star Ocean 3 the girl is 14 and her fly is always open first couple hours of the game.

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Bigpappy846d ago

that doesn't make it right or tasteful. People's little children should be looked on by adults as sex objects. That's just plain wrong. I could see if it were other children making the game and they were just imitating what they saw 13yr olds doing. But these are grown men making these games.

AWBrawler846d ago

its a game character not anybodies child, technically her age is 0 until the game releases or they can say she's whatever age they like. Heck there's grown women who look like her in japan. they just young looking anyway.

rainslacker846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

Guess the author should never go to the beach or a pool. There are 13-16yo girls there that wear much more revealing clothing than what's shown in this picture.


I agree in general. A little moderation by parents would be quite welcome.

That being said though, I see this picture, and it doesn't look like the character is dressing to be sexy. It's just one of those ridiculous outfits that some RPG's like to think of as appropriate armor that hardly covers anything.

benji101846d ago

I think the people who get the most offended by this stuff are the people you should not leave your 13 year old daughter around.

rainslacker846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

Couldn't say. I can say they are being judgemental without actually having all the facts though. It's easy enough to see a person, and make a decision immediately on how you think they are, and i see this as no different really.

I see young girls who dress "sexy" all the time. I don't seek it out, it's just around. I don't automatically think that they're sexual objects though, nor am I offended by it. I've been around too long on this earth to not spend time gawking at something like that, and I would never presume to know how a person is just because of the way they dress. People dress with what they are comfortable in, and if a young girl is comfortable wearing something like this, then it's not really anyone's place to make them into something they're not.

Dir_en_grey846d ago

I always wonder, by middle eastern standards, western women all dress like scants anyway. So why should everything be on western standards?