Top 5 reasons why The Witcher 3 will kick ass

From being accessible to newcomers to in-depth skill trees, here's the top five reasons why The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will kick ass.

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Lamboomington1150d ago

As hyped as I am for this game, I'm also really nervous for it. Really hope it lives up to all the expectations we have for it.

kraenk121150d ago

After two days of play Gamestar wrote it felt like Witcher Of Thrones Redemption with very tactical Souls style fights and quests unrivaled by any game until today. They said for months gamers will be talking about this game. The hype is seriously through the roof. :)

Fallen861150d ago

1. The World Of The Witcher Is Amazing
2 The Story And Gameplay Are Superb , and now even better then witcher 2 they said.and all we have seen and heard from danny from gamespot 3 part series.
4. CD Projekt RED Deserve Your Support
5. The Witcher 3 is an Open World With No Loading Times
6. A massive Open wolrd / So much to do/see and explore.
8. a beautiful living world with Dynamic Weather System
7. The Witcher 3 Will Have “Epic, Jaw-Dropping, Huge” Setpieces; We Have just seen the Tip of the Iceberg
and so much more.

ScorpiusX1150d ago

Cause it looks awesome and am buying it.