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DarkOcelet1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

That just broke my heart :(

Konami you stupid ****S, you just ruined everything. You had a perfect opportunity to make Silent Hill gold again and you ruined it.

Go pluck yourselves...

eezo1299d ago

It was said at del Toro's panel at the San Francisco International Film Festival last night, and this was retweeted/confirmed by his assistant.

DarkOcelet1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Konami have just lost their gaming community. No more Kojima MGS and no more masterpiece Silent Hill of the old.

Thats it for them, they lost their fanbase. I have never seen a more dumber company.

Good luck making any good game after Kojima leaves.

TomShoe1299d ago

Congratulations to Konami, they have lost my business. I'm buying MGS5 used and they won't see a cent from me ever again.

Kingthrash3601299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Woke up to this.
Woke up to the literal worst news of the year so far.
Woke up to now wondering if Konami is just stupid or dumb or suicidal...or all Above.
I was certain this game would be made. Now I'm certain Konami is done....smh I..don't know what more to say... the disappointment is too great.
Bad day in gaming history.

subtenko1299d ago

WiTF is this shet! Did they not see how people went bonkers over a demo! (Yea I think thats part of the reason now that I think of it, when's the last time you played or heard of demo? I think of PS1 & PS2 days)

Well here's to hoping a good developer makes their own version.. Right now I'm thinking over Red Barrel, or the guys who made penumbra: the black plague.

Come on people we got work to do, makes some calls, some tweets, LETS GO! Requesting assistance from Xbox, Nintendo & PC community.

Palitera1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

@DarkOcelet and other delusional megalomaniacs.


Just lol

In which world do you live?

MG will be a huge success, it will sell millions, make tremendous profit and when awesome games get announced, public wont care if it is Konami or not.

The fact that they canned Silent Hills is the proof that all this Internet blabbering has no influence in how business will be made. One 30 seconds TV spot is more relevant than a million Internet whiners/petitioners/"boy cotters".

And I say "boycotters" because you and almost everybody here will buy and play Metal Gear. Yeah, from Konami. And lots of other games from them.

And this is the ONLY thing that matters.

Wake up.

PS.: bad news for sure, loss loss for everyone it seems, but it is their capital, not yours, so it is their call. You decide for your money, not theirs. Tough real world, yeah.

LOL_WUT1299d ago

Hopefully someone else can step in (Sony/Microsoft) to bring these two talented individuals together to work on a similar project.

P.T was a nice concept too bad it isn't getting made I wish Konami was more upfront about these things as they happen instead of waiting for rumors to pile up ;)

Septic1299d ago

Boycott MGS? Lmao yeah you say that now.

Then even more laughable is the I'll buy it second hand'. Don't play it at all if you're actually going to a take a stand, against a failed relationship or whatever it is you guys think you are taking a noble stance against.

Whilst I'm properly disappointment that we won't see what could potentially be the best survival game in a long time, I'm not going to throw my toys at the pram and start pointing fingers at Konami or whoever. You must be absolutely deluded if you think this affects you more than them.

Konami lose out on massive potential profits and whatever reason operates in the background, I'm sure they don't like it either.

So you guys take your 'stand' as I buy MGS day one. If you lot are the same people taking a stand but also purchased the horrid cash grab that was Ground Zeroes at full price then I'm just going to shake my head and carry on trying to do this combo on MK X.

DevilOgreFish1299d ago

I was actually talking to a friend about this very thing, if this whole thing is true this will be happening. Kojima and Del toro don't hold claim to the IP nor did they for the fox engine. It's like the whole thing with itagaki.

This is isn't to say that these two can't partner ever again. Hideki broke away from capcom and made bayonetta, and Hironobu made lost odyssey. Kojima and Del toro could team up with epic or crytek and do something with their tools and resources.

Solid_Penguin-641299d ago

Konami clearly has mental issues right now but people who are "taking a stand" against them by buying the game is equivalent to a person protesting through a hunger strike and then cramming down a few chicken nuggets when no one else is watching.

fr0sty1299d ago

Nothing wrong with buying mgs used. You still support kojima's work without giving konami a cent.

BinaryMind1299d ago

Except you are helping Konami by taking a used game off the market. Pirate the PC version if you really want to boycott Konami.

Sam Fisher1299d ago

Umm are you guys retarded he said hes buying it used that is boycotting but to the publishers not to mgs, you buy it used it the money goes directly to the retail stores not a cent goes to the publishers. So yea last time i checked buying used games is a form of boycotting

lawgone1298d ago

@Kingthrash360 "Woke up the LITERAL worst news of the year so far." Really? All the things happening in the world and this is the literal worst news of the year so far to you? And before you say you were exaggerating you used the word literal, which means you were being, well, literal.

Gaming1011298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

This is like when your favourite band breaks up. You throw your hands up in frustration and scream "Why can't those idiots just put their massive egos aside and make something great for the fans, and get paid tons of money?"

But nope, too many dumb businessmen at Konami who have their heads up their asses, which is why Konami only has 2 successful franchises that anyone actually cares about - Silent Hill and at the top of the heap, Metal Gear Solid... both of which are dead because they couldn't get their act together, and couldn't do business without their egos getting in the way.

I mean lets be real, that's all this is is ego's. Kojima didn't get fired for stealing office supplies or some dumb reason, he saw to make his games and run things his way, and Konami execs who don't know shit saw to run things their way. Konami execs couldn't tie Kojima's shoes and here they are trying to throw their weight around. Kojima probably insulted them saying "If it weren't for me and MGS, you would all be serving me Ramen noodles at the corner store", and he's right! Konami doesn't have a thing going for it, especially now.

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UKmilitia1299d ago

cancelled my preordr and will buy MGS preowned so they get nothing from me.
i will not support them again in future.

Dirtnapstor1299d ago

As much distaste Konami has put in your mouth, while the thought and reasoning are spot on, not buying MGS new will affect Kojima directly. He may have been cut from Konami, but he will still receive revenue royalties. After all, MGS is his baby, not Konami's.

firelogic1299d ago

If you're going to take a stand, do it right and don't play the game at all. What is this half-assed crap? "I'm most definitely going to play this amazing game that you published but I'm not going to pay you for it! Look at me! I'm taking a stand against you!"

This just shows how childish you are and how you lack any kind of backbone.


Servbot411299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Developers are paid prior to release regardless of how well the game sells. Bonuses may be tacked on for higher metacritic scores.

Whether or not they get hired again is what is at risk when a game sells poorly, whether its due to being bad, purchased used, or pirated. But we all know Kojima is already out regardless of how well MGS5 performs.

OrangePowerz1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Like Dirtnapstor says, in the end of the day it means the people at Kojima productions and Kojima will loose money.


There are also royalties linked to contracts and bonuses based on sales so people at Kojima productions and Kojima can loose out on decent junks of money.

Gatsu1299d ago

That is also like pointing the middle finger at Kojima, because he is still working on his TPP and will lose money too.

Blurmobjet1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )


You're not supporting Kojima that way. I think it's better to buy MGS5, pen "a HIDEO KOJIMA GAME" on the box with a big black marker, mail that photo to Konami and then never buy any game from them after that.

Sure you'd still be giving your money to Konami, but this is the last time. I would think you'd want Konami's sales to tank after Kojima's game, not during and I want to see "a Hideo Kojima Game" pics plastered all over the internet. That should be our movement.

Then they'd get the message with no way to spin it. Kojima's game didn't bomb. They did.

Antifan1299d ago

cancelled my MGS 5 copy as well today after hearing the news.

shloobmm31299d ago

I highly doubt Kojima is hurting for money.

BiggerBoss1299d ago

@firelogic dude wtf you start insulting him because he still wants to play the game? Whats wrong with you? It makes sense that he'd want to play one of the best games coming out this year. The only one acting childish is you.

Blurmobjet1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

All you guys cancelling your preorders are leaving Konami a way out. Later down the road when this is no longer the news of the day damn near forgotten by most of the public, Konami PR could easily spin it and say that Kojima tried something different and in the end produced a game that did not sell well to gamers.

Do you want to give them that option? I don't.

Think how you would spin this situation if you were Konami PR and then think of how you would counter yourself.

I can't tell you how to spend your money, but I think it makes far more sense to me to go ahead and buy Hideo Kojima's game (cause that's what it is), enjoy it for the masterpiece that it will most likely be and then not buy any game from Konami after that.

Then, not only do you show Konami that we support Kojima and his games do sell like a m*****f*****, but that Konami tanked directly due to their own stupidity and not because of Kojima's game sales. Close the doors on their PR team.

If you like, do what I said in a previous post and show Konami that you bought a Kojima game, not a Konami game.

Go ahead and cross Konami's name right off the box. Sure they may cry (or even laugh) themselves all the way to the bank, but they'll cry themselves even harder the second time around when they realize that was the last time that they got to cry themselves to the bank.

Baka-akaB1299d ago

That makes no sense . Supporting Kojima only content is the way to go . You'll just send some stupid weird message should the game fail , and some crappy MGS6 without Koji pro and Kojima appears and outsell it .

WhiteGamerInc1299d ago

I have never bought a MGS product and now because of Konami cancelling Silent Hills I never will

Last_Boss1299d ago

Im not boycotting Kojima's last MGS project. He already worked on it, so that does him no good.

SilentNegotiator1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Kojima was involved in MGS5 and it's actually getting what message are you sending by not supporting the game?

If MGS5 sells below expectations, Konami will just take it as a sign that they did the right thing. If it at least reaches expectations, they might at least second guess themselves for a minute and make better decisions in the future.

Blurmobjet1299d ago


Thanks for the comment, and I do understand how you feel about it, but is forcing a Kojima game to fail not sending a mixed message? You want to support Kojima, but Konami is more important? Then are you REALLY supporting Kojima and the hard work he and his team have been doing over the past several years?

When you reject the game, whose hard work are you rejecting? Certainly not Konami's. How much have they actually touched the game? No. I for one plan to enjoy the game Kojima and his team worked so hard to give us.

I want to boycott Konami too, but I'd rather do it in a way that doesn't damage Kojima's record of creating great games.

MGS5 is still a game created by Kojima and forcing the game to fail because of the idiots at Konami will put that stain in his records as well, will it not?

And I don't think boycotting future Konami games will send any kind of weird mixed messages.

blackout1299d ago

I think for the first time this is where the gamer can crush a gaming company. They can try to spin whatever they want but if there are no pre orders and if people stick together and buy it used then Konami is finished. Money always talks and if you can wait you will be getting MGS V in the bargain bin for far less than $65, try 29 at Walmart two weeks after release. This is CRAZY, WTF happened. I tell you this kojima if not already is a rockstar and his next game is going to make a statement, you don't let talent like this just walk away.

Baka-akaB1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )


Uh ? You didnt understand my message .

I'm saying that i wont boycott Kojima's last MGS masterpiece . The minute it got released and i purchased it , Konami and I part ways , most likely . They aint interested in selling me games either way and apparently .

I'm against boycotting MGS5 , and saying that doing so , IF the game fail because of it , will not be doing the favor people believe , nor will it send the message people expects .

Especially if , in an hypothetical scenario , a Kojima less MGS6 does happen , and sells better .

Conzul1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

MGSV is Kojima's game, no matter what Konami wants the world to think.

It would be a far better thrash to Konami to Buy and Enjoy MGSV, and then to avoid them fully in the future.

I'm going to play MGSV and love the hell out of it, I expect. Then I'm never buying a Konami product again after that. I hope they rot.

Blurmobjet1299d ago

Ah! My bad Baka, I did misunderstand.

I just think all these ppl suddenly cancelling their preorders is based too much on emotion and probably undercutting the point they're probably trying to make.

In the end it's their dollar, I just hate to see Kojima and company get dinged because of it. They all worked to hard for what was supposed to be their MGS swan song.

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Nirvana315911299d ago

This just ruined my Sunday... Thanks Konami....

Oh and MGS V preorder just got cancelled

Me-Time1299d ago

I think Hideo Kojima knows what a mass cancelling of pre-orders means. He's a gamer, he understands. A ton of people will buy the previously known for being a, "A Hideo Kojima Game," video game in the bargain bin, like blackout said. CTRL + F

I'm confident Kojima knows what's happening in our minds about this through the power of Twitter, mainly, to be realistic - remember when he thanked that guy on Twitter
Joshua Boggs.

There will always be a kind of grey area when speaking of Konami after this. THEY fired him. They didn't let him leave. THEY FIRED HIM. wow

styferion1299d ago

Damn, it's sad as hell.

Now I'm gonna be wondering in sadness everytime Silent Hill name is mentioned, just imagine what could've been done to this series.

yellowgerbil1299d ago

now if only sony will pick him up. they could win E3 in the first 10 seconds if they only said Kojima Games, a new 1st party developer working on an exclusive new IP for the PS4. the could have the shortest press conference ever and still win.

zidane13411299d ago

@yellowgerbil: yeah right, maybe the konami back in the day. These days Sony would need ALOT more then konami. Especially after that whole order BS. Supposedly MS has a crap ton of new first party games, konami couldn't touch them.

Last_Boss1299d ago


Sony has way more diverse franchises than the Order in their portfolio. Are you serious.

MysticStrummer1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

@Zidane - Yellow was talking about picking up Kojima, not Konami, and he's right. If Kojima showed up at Sony's press conference and announced he was developing a game exclusively for PS4, that would be the top story of E3, especially if Del Toro was with him and they said it was a horror game.

Also, way to work in The Order for no apparent reason.

Also also, MS needs a "crap ton of new first party games" if they want to put up any kind of fight this generation.

@Mega - I'm not sure we have much choice except to be done with Konami. Their two biggest cash cows have dropped dead. It won't surprise me at all if Konami closes shop by the end of this generation.

rainslacker1299d ago

Spiritual successors seem to be doing quite well nowadays. Xenoblade is the spiritual successor to Xenosaga, which was a successor to Xenogears. Bloodborne is the SS of Demon Souls. Bioshock the SS of System shock. Call of Duty of Medal of Honor. And the list goes on. Often the spiritual successors go on to do much better than the originals, and I would love to see a Kojima game that wasn't influenced heavily by publisher input.

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CaptainObvious8781299d ago

I didn't know I could hate a gaming publisher more than I hate EA...

Thank you very much Konami. Potentially one of the best horror games this decade was well into production and now will never see the light of day because of your pathetic greed.

(Of course we don't know the full story, but I think we can safely assume Hideo left because he was being forced to milk the MGS franchise).

So utterly pissed off right now.

shloobmm31299d ago

The unfortunate part is that we have no idea what the game was be. It wasn't going to be like p.t that was confirmed so u can't base it off that.

zidane13411299d ago

Milk? Mgs games come out every 2 or 3 years, minimum. That is NOT milking.

MysticStrummer1299d ago

@Zidane - Kojima has wanted to leave MGS to other people for a long time, so yes Kojima was being forced to milk the franchise instead of doing new things.

Baka-akaB1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

There is a difference between an author/creator saying that he'd like to do more of other things , and fearing he has poured everything he can into a singular franchise , AND saying that he is forced to come back to MGS .

So far we've yet to see evidence that Kojima hasnt come each time willingly with renewed ambitions .

And i believe it would show in the game and result in at least one souless or mediocre title with his input in the franchise . It never happened .

Maybe this time he wouldnt come back , or maybe the split is about something else ... but so far we dunno . His attitude and the pace of releases for the franchise over 6 generations of consoles doesnt scream milking to me .

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Transistor1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Konami has been a horrible company aside from Kojima and MGS for years. I was expecting Silent Hills to get cancelled, so I'm not that taken back.

It just confirms how out of touch Konami really is.

Hopefully they have the decency to sell the MGS and SH ip's, that's all you can hope for at this point.

DarkOcelet1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

If Activision bought MGS, It will either release it on a yearly basis with tons of dlc or they will can it just like Crash. Poor Fella.

Transistor1299d ago

There are other companies besides Activision.

styferion1299d ago

and Suikoden.
there goes my hope of suikoden's revival.

PhucSeeker1299d ago

Who would buy MGS without Kojima anyway ?

lizard812881299d ago

I agree Konami has been making terrible decisions for years. They now have the Hudson IPs and have yet to use any of them. Plus I agree with Jim on them.

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DeletedAcc1299d ago

Konami was such a drag. Every day he'd eat the same kind of food, dress the same, sit in front of the same kind of games... Yeah, he was just that kind of publisher. But then one day, he goes and kills us all! He couldn't even be original about the way he did it. I'm not complaining... I was dying of boredom anyway, But guess what? I will be coming back, and I'm bringing my new toys with me.

calvincrack1299d ago

Nice. The good news is that if kojima and del toro want to make a game together they can set it up elsewhere. Bethesda, for example.

Jughead34161299d ago

Wow. They just got through fucking up Lords of Shadow 2. Now they fire Kojima and killed Silent Hills. Idiots.

Irishguy951299d ago

I think this may be the first time I ever actually cut off a gaming company...this one is too far you know?

Magicite1299d ago

Konami without Kojima is like modern car without stereo.

deadpoolio3161299d ago

That means NOT BUYING THE GAME PERIOD...That also INCLUDES used copies...There are already too many mental midgets trying to claim they will buy it used as their way of "boycotting" Konami...

That isn't how it works, if you want to boycott Konami that would entail that you do not purchase the game in any form

St0rm_Cr0w1299d ago

And now you're avatar represents nothing but disappointment and missed oppurtunity :'/

DarkOcelet1299d ago

Konami is failing so hard right now. SMH.

xXSilentXx1299d ago

They ruined the game by firing Kojima...

DarkOcelet1299d ago

They ruined the gaming side of their company by firing Kojima...

TricksterArrow1299d ago

Second that on "ruined everything". No, I mean, literally:

- PES? Dead.
- Silent Hill? Dead.
- Castlevania? Dead.
- Suikoden? Dead.
- Metal Gear? I guess it's safe to say that after V, it's dead.

I hope the company follows suit and dies like its titles.

rainslacker1299d ago

I think they're going to start focusing heavily on mobile gaming. The console market will still get a nod once in a while just to keep up appearances, and likely we'll see a bunch of MG spinoffs like revengence which are cheaper and quicker to make and can sell off name recognition, but the glory days of knowing a Konami game would be quality are gone. They have so many awesome IP's that they let go to waste, and then their board wonders why it isn't doing so well financially.