Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the PlanetSide 2 beta on PS4

Eurogamer: "Overall, while there are still bugs that need eliminating, at this stage our main sticking point with the PS4 version of Planetside 2 is performance. The level of tearing is at times unsightly, while its variable frame-rates result in an experience that lacks consistency, jumping from near 60fps in desolate areas to below 30fps during combat."

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RJ920091056d ago

I want to play this so bad!!!! I keep trying to get in the beta and no luck

MysticStrummer1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

Good luck! It's lots of fun. I got rid of Battlefield 4 shortly after I got in this beta, and I don't have an urge to buy another online shooter. Battlefront 3 will probably get my money since I love old school Star Wars, but often when I'm playing Planetside 2 I'm reminded of Star Wars because of the multicolored tracers flying back and forth, so I wonder how much I'll even play Battlefront 3.

Check this video out to see what I mean about the tracers, especially starting around 2:50. It's a battle just before dawn to get across a bridge between bases.

RJ920091056d ago

I just want it more ahhh why would you show me that said face..

MysticStrummer1056d ago

Sorry. I know how you feel, but watching videos and streams got me through my time of no code so I thought it might help you. Endeavor to persevere.

RJ920091056d ago

Hopefully it just comes out soon

Damrock1056d ago

Hope they just lock this at 30fps.

windblowsagain1056d ago

I'd prefer 60fps on this game.

Still only beta mode, so performance should improve a lot.

freshslicepizza1056d ago

why not allow the option to go down to 900p or 720p if it means higher frame rates? oh that's right, console makers think they know what's best for us.

Spotie1056d ago

You are perfectly free to grab/build a capable PC and play it there. Nobody's forcing you to play on a console.

Bansai1056d ago

not really, nowadays beta is just another fancy word for demo, you'll see.

MysticStrummer1056d ago

Ha Well if you played this beta you'd see it's a true beta. I doubt it will end up 60fps though.

Kavorklestein1056d ago

I remember Sony was advertising this game as "Coming soon" to PS4 back in summer of 2013. Considering this was already out in November of 2012 on PC- what the hell, if I may ask, is taking it so long?
Almost 3 years to port over a F2P game?
Isn't this the 3rd "beta" ???
More like the Epsilon.
If this game was actually a new Ip, I could understand them sayin things like: "We want it to be perfect"

But at this rate, it's just pathetic.
It's a cool enough game, just totally stupid how they haven't released it even though they used it to hype up the PS4 practically two years ago, as of this summer.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1056d ago

I think part of the delay may be that this game was originally DirectX.

I'm glad you mentioned about it being promoted as "Coming soon" in 2013... I would have never known that unless it was a Microsoft product that then would have resulted in many articles about how they "lie".

MysticStrummer1056d ago

As if we never see articles saying Sony lied about something…


ironmonkey1056d ago

60fps or not even the pc version drops that low in heavy combat

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