Witcher Lore: Prologue - The World

An Introduction to The worlds of the Witcher for Newcomers & veterans.
It's a part of 9 series. A great insight of the witchers, monsters, kingdoms, old races and wild hunt. Just to refresh your memories for the veterans if you haven't read the books and comic House of glass.Or haven't played the witcher saga.This is a great start for the newcomers. This is a great 9 part series for you before you walk in to the world of the witcher. I also recommend the witcher Recap & Returning Memories.
Have a great journey on may 19th.

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UKmilitia1036d ago

would love a proper story made to explain it.
hoping one is uncluded in the witcher 3.

IC3_DEMON1035d ago

There are 9 books so far (in German).

Pick 1 up and read it. Not that hard.

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ArchangelMike1034d ago

The video series does q very good job of explaininig the lore actually. You should watch all of them.

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Fallen861035d ago

i recommend
1. The Last Wish
2. Sword of Destiny
3. Blood of Elves
4. Times of Contempt
5. Baptism of Fire
6. The Tower of the Swallow
7. The Lady of the Lake

in english version

ArchangelMike1034d ago

These recap video series are amazing. The last one conatins some makor spoilers though.

Fallen861033d ago

I know. They should make a animated TV series of it. Whould be badass.