Check Out 25 Minutes of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Gameplay, Starring Super Nero in Turbo Mode

Yesterday Capcom aired a long livestream event from Nico Nico Chokaigi in Chiba, Near Tokyo, and as part of the rich program there was a whopping 25 minutes of gameplay of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.

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diesoft1178d ago

Were people really wanting a special edition of devil may cry 4? It wasn't a bad game but unless this is part of collection (already done too) then why are they doing this?

DxTrixterz1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

1. Capcom needs money. So they are remastering the best selling game in the franchise
2. 8th generation of consoles is obviously generation of remasters.
3. It's quick and cheap money for them.
4. They are looking for forgiveness from true DMC fans after the disaster that DmC Devil May Cry was.
5. They either can't be bothered or need money to make a true sequel to DMC 4 AKA DMC 5.

Andrealsant1177d ago

1.If capcom really "needs money", they have a lot of better "back-up plans"(like Megaman!)
2.That's true, and I don't know why people $#!t so much about it.
3.A smart decision, and more content for the fans, so.. no harm done!
4.DmC was very far from a "disaster"(people are afraid of change and freaked out when they saw Dante with black hair), but it was a great game nonetheless; And saying tha true DMC fans deserve something is just dumb.
5.I don't know what goes on inside Capcom, but I'm pretty sure they have plenty of money for a new project, if they can't be bothered to make a sequel for the original series, they should remake the initial trylogy! And I mean REMAKE(as in Resident Evil 1 HD), not REMASTER(Like those crappy "HD" games).

areisul1177d ago

Ah yes, the old "people hated DmC because his hair wasn't white" meme.

Nevermind the terrible writing, generic enemy/boss design, color-coded weapons and enemies, dumb psuedo-political "soda and Fox News is bad, man!" messages, and downgraded combat system. Nevermind that Tameem was insulting the old series and its fans from the beginning. I'm sure it sold like crap because his hair was black.

abstractel1177d ago

@DxTrixterz DmC's gameplay was freakin' awesome, so I couldn't disagree with you on that point. It was also reviewed really well. The graphics/visual style was better in DMC4, but DmC had some of the best combat I've ever played.

I do agree with points 1-3.

NiteX1177d ago

DMC3 didn't sell more than 4? Well that's just said.

deadpoolio3161177d ago

Uh DMC4 was THE WORST SELLING entry in the franchise, and it was half a game played through twice, It is the reason it needed a reboot...A reboot that was WORLDS better than DMC4

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Summons751177d ago

No but for one if they were to bring the abomination up they needed to appeal the to fans and this goes above and beyond the crap that was DmC. Its going to be a fresh game.

diesoft1177d ago

I guess I stand corrected. I had no idea there was such demand for it.

KnightRobby1177d ago

Welp, maybe someone that has never played this game will enjoy it that much more...There's nothing wrong with that.

BTW, does it run at 60fps?

jeremyj29131177d ago

Yes it does. Just like the original release.

NiteX1177d ago

Super Nero seems just as lame is regular Nero...

wodan1177d ago

Cant wait,gonna have a lot of fun with vergil.