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Gamespot: "Whenever I attempt to describe State of Decay to people who have never played the game, I find myself describing the game I want State of Decay to be."

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daBUSHwhaka1179d ago

State of Decay 2013 8/10.State of Decay Year One Survival Edition,same game,all dlc,1080p 5/10.Very good Gamespot whatever.

micx1179d ago

Maybe because they left a ton of bugs unfixed.

Genuine-User1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Unfortunately, they did just that. Gametrailers pretty much confirms it in their 'just play' videos.

wannabe gamer1179d ago

so as he said its the same game with better graphics....score should still go up not down. they didnt make things worse....

Unreal011179d ago

@wannabe gamer

I'm afraid to say it doesn't work like that. With a new generation of consoles, people will be expecting graphical improvements anyway. Check Borderlands Handsome Collection, plays so much better than on PS3/360 but it has received lower scores.

micx1179d ago

@wannabe gamer

They (Gamespot) may have let those bugs slide before when they were reviewing because it was a freshly released indie game, but it's unacceptable that the developers haven't managed to fix those bugs in a re-release/remaster that came a year or so later, which should have been of utmost importance.

Dramacydal1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

I'm sorry but I live in a little town called Reality. Right around the corner from Lucid and Sane.

The game, with bugs, scored an 8/10. The remaster (the exact same game), with bugs and DLC and 1080p, at a minimum, should score an 8/10.

This is why mainstream game reviews are a joke. Too many reviewers put the product up against their expectation. Review what you get, not what you wanted to get. Pretty simple. You don't complain Amazing Spider-man 2 was shit because you expected The Avengers. You complain Amazing Spider-man 2 was shit because it is, in fact, shit.

Tetsdah1179d ago

Well that's the thing. If it's much of the same game from a year or so ago, with the same bugs or possibly more, it shouldn't score an 8 again. Hell if it was like that when it first release didn't deserve a 8 back then either. But because it was a newer indie release, they cut it some slack. The re-release, they had a opportunity, to fix the issues, but they didn't. And that's seemingly why it's getting the score it's getting.

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1nsomniac1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Most sources I have heard from have all said the same thing. That there's absolutely no noticeable difference between old & new versions, the new version actually coming off worse.

I'm a huge fan of the original but am massively disappointed by what I've heard about this remaster. The resolution & texture upgrade is supposed to be unnoticeable when actually playing. All the bugs are still there & there's actually far more of them in this version with some serious game breaking clipping issues as well.

I've said several times on here over the last few months that I would be picking up an XBone for this game alone. It sounds massively underwhelming & was such a missed opertunity as this game has a massive loyal following.

PraxxtorCruel1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Why would the developers shoot themselves in the foot like this? All they had to do was fix bugs and improve the graphics.

UKmilitia1179d ago

that has to be a bug surely?
how can the resolution and textures not be noticed.

anyone got a comparison video?

its a silly thing i couldnt see a dev doing.

aawells071179d ago

I wouldn't let this ruin the game for you. Just enjoy it man.

1nsomniac1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

To make it clear though, if you havnt played the game I would recommend it.

It's no better than the PC version released 2 years ago. Which you can pick up dirt cheap (which is the version I played). I wouldn't recommend double dipping it though as the development of the new version seems like one of the laziest jobs I've ever seen in gaming.

I hate the idea that they've given every character an indestructible knife as well. Personnaly I think that in itself kind of ruins the whole backbone design of the game.

Despite time of day difference at the start. When in movement you could easily mistake it as the same game. While standing still it does look sharper but no real advancement of textures or any effects.

Comparison vid -

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daBUSHwhaka1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

@Unreal and Micx.Sleeping Dogs,TLOU,Metro all released with the same bugs as the originals but had no effect with the scores received.

coolbeans1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Judging only from what I've seen/heard about SoD, those other games you mentioned didn't really seem to be as bad to begin with (edit: when it comes to bugs and technical issues).

kraenk121179d ago

So they just ported the PC version over and didn't even fix the bugs?! Deserved score imho.

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ScorpiusX1179d ago

For $20.09 price tag as a Xbl member I can't wait for Tuesday to play again.

aawells071179d ago

Love this game. It's very addicting.

1179d ago
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