State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Review | GameCloud Australia

Patrick Waring at GameCloud Australia writes:

"I don’t know why I loved State of Decay so much, it’s exemplary of so many typical traits of terrible zombie survival games. It’s almost as though they’ve crafted a parody of the genre, going balls out to demonstrate the failings and trappings of triple-A titles that came before it. The design is solid and, when it works, the gameplay is engaging, but both get distracted in practice by the ridiculous plot that plagues the game. The music and voice acting only serves to confuse the player, not guide them, and the bugs and other issues are just icing on this awful zombie cake and I ate it up for over 24 hours. These are the issues that I would have reamed other games for, but State of Decay managed to pull them all together to create one of the best unintentional comedy games I’ve ever played."

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