The Metal Gear Solid V Doctor Conspiracy is a Joke

A look at how one person's Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain suggestion spiralled out of control to create one of the week's most talked about gaming subjects.

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Skate-AK1122d ago

Since Silent Hills is officially canceled there is no way all this is some PR thing between Kojima and Konami to drum up hype. Never got why people thought that. The fallout is real.

NecotheSergal1122d ago

The lawsuit could've been PR/Viral, the Doctor thing could've been viral - - - but Silent Hill coming into the equation of being cancelled instead of just 'pushed aside' does make it seem quite the contrary and that it was all just amazing coincidence.

Either that or it's still Viral stuff - but Konami and Kojima falling out is real - but that doesn't mean any trolling/Viral marketing has to be cancelled, it just means that Konami knows Kojimas not staying with them after MGS5 and thus anything to do with him after MGS5 is just tossed away.

There's still a lot of 'variables' and what ifs and conspiracies to be made.

hkgamer1122d ago

its just the internet messing around and then blog sites and youtubers like to talk about it to get that ad money.

anyway, that neogaf post just mentioned the bald doctor in game looked like another random bald doctor which is quite a typical bald look imho. fk it, that dude can look like steve jobs if i wanted to make a topic about it.

anyway, its just joking and trolling going out of control and bloggers making a big deal about it.

joab7771122d ago

Exactly. Because he also looks like a British actor, and probably 100 other ppl. It's funny though how they were able to make this into a huge head transplant thing, with pics, vids etc. It seems like it could be legit... but it isnt.

ziggurcat1122d ago

sorry... why is this a "conspiracy"?

deadpoolio3161122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Because there are brain dead morons who actually believed that this whole thing was some major troll by Kojima and we were going to find out at E3 or some garbage that the guy wasn't really a doctor and this all had been some major viral campaign for MGS5...

These mental midgets could watch Kojima come out and say this isn't a troll and Konami and Kojima could lose the lawsuit and they would still herp diddy derp derp derp oh my gawd this is the most epic troll by Kojima ever conspiracy confirmed

ziggurcat1122d ago

i'm still not following... what made this guy's face such a big deal?

(send me a PM so that you don't have to use up another bubble)

maximus19851121d ago

Your gonna feel real stupid when this turns out to be all a ruse. I'll be back to remind you :)