The future awaits in the DC Universe Online E3 trailer

... watching your favorite heroes and villains in action is a completely different experience from hearing it. You've got all the major players of the DC universe here: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, Bizarro ...

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Dir_en_grey3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Oh man I was wishing it would be alot better.
Seems like the game is really badly programmed... The interaction animations looked like crap... Character models looked ok, and that's about it.

Backgrounds and animation just makes this look like a cheap C grade PC MMO.
Hire some experienced CG artist and redo all your backgrounds, and hire some better programmers and tweek that awkward animation.
The whole thing just looks way too low budget for a game with a big name. Reminded me of the Hancock game for PC (or was it cellphone?), no where as bad but damn...

I actually wanted this game but I won't buy a sub-par crap just because DC's name is on it. Improve improve improve!!!

x THE CHEETAH x3774d ago

... I see where you're coming from... It still has about a year and a half before the anticipated release (Dec 09'), though.

x THE CHEETAH x3774d ago

As a guy who loves comics and video games, this is the ultimate... I wish it was multi-plat for the XBox 360, but seeing that it's likely to stay PS3 exclusive, I'll be purchasing the PS3 for this one.

Raoh3774d ago

sony would have picked up marvel universe after microsoft and marvel couldnt agree.

Marvel Universe on PS3 2012?