Confirmed: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Coming 2008

Looks like Square Enix is staying true to their word to release Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days sometime this year: A new advertisement of the game, found inside Dragon Quest V's case, states the game is "Coming 2008". Perhaps Square Enix will finally reveal the release date during their private event, DKS3713; After all, they did state a demo will be available there.

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PS360WII3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Awesome stuff keep those DS games coming Square Enix :) Will they say when the PSP version is coming out as well?

Most likely we'll hear nothing of KH3 till these two have been out for a bit

kewlkat0073775d ago

It's safe to say SE is back in love with them.

I'm still waiting for Chrono...

Tomdc3775d ago

square enix work on to many games at once... they have like 10 in production at anyone time!

Surely it would be smarter to work on about 5 at a time and then half production time?

White-Sharingan3775d ago

very very nice

now give me birth by sleep! and Kingdom Hearts 3!!!

JVIDICAN3775d ago

im guessing the KH3 trailer is going to be at the end of one of these(psp or ds) :D

Drakol3775d ago

Just too many games!!! WRRRRRRRRRRRYYY!!

Still though, me thinks this will be a great year for S-E.

mistertwoturbo3775d ago

Don't be the slighest bit surprised if the "shocking" announcement ended up on the 360.

TheColbertinator3775d ago

The 360?Oh you mean the Zune.Hahaha

iamtehpwn3775d ago

Square enix is pulling the same thing with Sony that they did with Nintendo. They're slowly switching over to focus on 360 for almost all their new software. They're going to be in for a rude awakening. Out of about 20 of my Xfanboy friends, only about 1-2 were mildly interested in XIII.

They're in for a ruuuuudeeeeeeee awaking. I mean, Ask all the other people who created Million seller 360 JRPG's...oh waiiiiiiit.

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