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Five must-have Xbox 360 games that you may have missed

The Xbox 360 boasts a formidable catalogue of games, and here's a few gems that may have passed you by. (Bomberman Live, Crackdown, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Table Tennis, Viva Pinata, Xbox 360)

mcgrawgamer  +   2599d ago
4 out of 5 aint bad
I'v never been a big bomberman player soooo that's out of the question, but the other titles are some good bargin bin titles for new and soon to be 360 owners.
Shroomy  +   2599d ago
Those who call Viva Pinata a kids game,
Are either to dumb and ignorant to try it, or too ashamed they sucked at it.

It's a very good game, challenging yet addicting, rewarding and most of all FUN.

The others in the list I agree with.
azmanmanz  +   2599d ago
I thought all the xbox owners is a kids.
TheColbertinator  +   2599d ago
Your right.Some of these are cool.Crackdown was definitely fun for a while.
GameOn  +   2599d ago
"I thought all the xbox owners is a kids. "
LOL get back to school!
flash74  +   2599d ago
Because a game plays well and may be a very good game doesn't mean that it's still not a kids game. It just may be one that adults could enjoy too. If you need any proof that it's for kids, then what would you say about the morning cartoon they came out with for it? I think it's great that they can make games that all ages can enjoy, but calling people who can blatantly see that its still a kids game at heart is in itself ignorant. Keep in mind the age of the average gamer is now 31. I myself like grittier, more intense subject matter in my game ala a Bioshock or Gears of War. That doesn't make me ignorant, it's just personal preference.
KRUSSIDULL  +   2599d ago
Crackdown, Bomberman and Viva Pinata everyone should try they are very fun :)
TunakTunakTun  +   2599d ago
Buzz! Quiz TV
Calling All Cars!
Crash Commando
Dark Cloud 3
Dark Mist
DC Universe
Disgaea 3
Everyday Shooter
Fat Princess
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Formula One Championship Edition
Free Realms
God of War 3
Grand Theft Auto V
Gran Turismo 5
Heavenly Sword
Heavy Rain
High Velocity Bowling
Hot Shots Golf 5
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Killzone 2
Kingdom Hearts 3
L.A. Noire
Linger in Shadows
LocoRoco Cocoreccho
Massive Action Game
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Metro 2033: The Last Refuge
MLB 07: The Show
MLB 08: The Show
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
One Goal Spirit
Pixeljunk Eden
Pixeljunk Monsters
Ragdoll Kung Fu
Rat Race
Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Red Dead Revolver 2
Redwood Falls
Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance 2: United We Stand
Ridge Racer 7
Rockstar Unannounced Exclusive
Rouge Galaxy 2
Secret Mindblowing Game
Siren: Blood Curse
SOCOM Confrontation
Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer
Super Rub-a-Dub
Super Stardust
Syphon Philter
Team Ico Unannounced Exclusive
Team Ico Unannounced Exclusive 2
Tears of Blood
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online
Tekken 6
The Agency
The Eye of Judgement
The Protector
Timesplitters 4
Twisted Metal
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Uncharted 2
Valkyrie of the Battlefield
White Knight Chronicles
Wipeout HD
Yakuza 3
Zone of the Enders 3

BD Live
Built In Wi-Fi
Cheap PS Store Content
Create Themes
Dedicated Servers
Easy to Use XMB
Firmware Updates
Free Online Play
Harddrive in all Consoles
Lagfree Online Play
Playstation Eye
Playstation Store
Rechargable Sixaxis Controllers with Gyro
Reliable System That Does Not Break
Remote Connection With PSP
User Generated Content
Video Store
Webb Browser



P L A Y B 3 Y O N D


Already Maxed Out Hardware
Burns Down Houses
Crappy Costumer Service
Expensive Online Play and Online Content
Laggy Online
Last-Gen DVD
Loud Console
Microsoft Lies and Cheats and Bribes
No Solid Future
No Good Exclusive Games
P2P Online Servers
PC Port Exclusives
Poor Sales
Red Rings of Death
Scratches Discs
Short Lifespan
Stupid Core Without Harddrive
Useless HD-DVD Player Add-on
Weak Hardware


Shroomy  +   2599d ago
How many of those games are you actually gonna buy?

I bet you couldn't detail a quarter of that list.
JEDI WOLVERINE  +   2599d ago
TunakTunakTun ^^^^^^^
If you have enough cash and time to go play all those PS3 games then you go for it..........some of us have to work for a living.

Also your post fails on so many levels that its kinda retarded

flash74  +   2599d ago
I thought the list was going to have games like Bioshock and Orange Box. Aside from geometry wars, you can pretty much keep the rest. Crackdown has been given far more credit than it deserves. The graphics in that game were a joke. It amounted to a poor man's GTA. I don't have a problem with Viva Pinata, I'm just a little to old school to be playing such a kid-looking game. Table tennis--meh. Lastly, Bomberman, are you kidding? That is definitely a tired series. It's starting to become the next Mega-Man.
Ace Killa 08  +   2599d ago
WOW Crackdown sucks for u
but to me its one of the most enjoyable game i had, the co-op was fun especially when you and your friend mess around in the roof tops. Also i think u never even played any of these games at all since ur really giving out just negatives. or if u did u dint play with a friend. All the games are fun to play with and with friends except viva, a geo wars. How ever for Geo wars its always fun with the leaderboards competing with your friends. and so dude try these games out for once and you'll enjoy them. especially with friends
Ali_The_Brit  +   2599d ago
5. bought it havnt opened it yet so i cant say
4. maybe, but one has to wonder why it never recieved huge popularity
3. rented it, not bad, certainly not must own, and it does feel kiddy because the game feels like its treating you like a kid
2. -what you couldnt fill it in with a real one instead of arcade-
1. ^^
titntin  +   2599d ago
Pretty underwhelming list for me.

I just couldn't see why people were so enamoured of Crackdown. I wanted to like it so much, but despite playing it for so long, I found it empty and shallow.

Viva pinyata. I do like it, but the pacing of the game was all wrong, once you were through the beggining of the game, you never had time to sit back and enjoy the owrld you were creating, the game constantly hassled you into fixing soemthing or dealing with a problem. You needed to be able to take some time to simply enjoy it, but the game didn't give it to you. I'm hopefull they will have fixed this issue with the new one, because there was a lot to like!

Table Tennis is OK, but after a week I was playing something else. Its just didn't grip me much as I could appreciate the finesse of the controls.

Geometry wars - great blast. Somewhat superceeded now by Super Stardust HD on the PS3, but a great game.

Bomberman. A classic multiplayer thats been keeping me amused since the snes. Brilliant.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2599d ago
childs play
how is a xbutt gonna tell me whats hardcore on a xbox360?!?
the whole system is geared toward 10 year olds.
I don't buy kid games or games for casuals!
xbutts don't have any gamer credibility anymore.
stfu about viva or banjoo!
talk to me about naruto & littlebigplanet you homoxbutt!
caffman  +   2599d ago
why talk to you?
you can't answer!
Covenant  +   2599d ago
Crackdown's a BLAST. Been meaning to go back and play it some more (plus I'm still missing a few achievements). Open world/sandbox + super-powered cop + lots of weapons = tons of fun.

Never played Rockstar table tennis...but I have a couple of friends who swear by it.

Viva Pinata...you'll swear it's a kids game from the cover, until you actually play it, and realize it's as deep as any sim-type game on the PC. Easily one of the best games I've played in recent years.

They forgot to mention two titles that are often overlooked on the 360: Kameo (great action-platformer) and Overlord (my current obsession).
dachiefsman  +   2599d ago
I agree especially with the CO-OP. It was fun trying to blow up a huge pile of cars!
Nevers  +   2599d ago
I took it back
but kinda regret it. I too want some of them achievements i didn't get but i've been waiting for a good bargain bin price to re-buy LOL
Nevers  +   2599d ago
Besides C-down and GeoWars
I'd have a totally different list.. Geometry Wars is honestly the best $5 I've ever spent on vidgames... I'm still addicted to that like its meth for the luv of god... the news of the sequel coming out next month made me happy BIG TIME!!!!

I'd have DEAD RISING for sure on that list. I'll say it again in hopes Capcom is listening but we all (sony and microsoft) need a sequel to that and STAT!!!!
Figboy  +   2599d ago
i didn't care much for the list.
i remember playing Crackdown at E3 a few years back, and having a blast with this other guy in co-op.

i picked up the game as soon as i got my 360, and i had a BLAST with it until i leveled up all of my skills and defeated all the gangs which, honestly, didn't take me longer than about 10 hours. after that, the game just kind of fell apart for me, and i realized, aside from jumping around the city and shooting people, there wasn't much else to do.

Keys to the City, however, added some more life to it briefly, but i soon got bored again. considering that there wasn't much of an interesting story campaign to play through, i didn't even have THAT to compel me to go back and play it again. my fiance did the same thing. once she leveled up all of her stats, she got bored with it.

it's still a fun game, but it doesn't have much longevity, and it's not a game i can even see myself going back to and playing in 6 or 7 months after it's had a chance to cool.

and it sucks that you have to pay for online, because i actually really enjoyed the co-op, but i refuse to pay for online gaming. i don't have to on my PC (unless it's an MMO), and i don't have to on my PS3, so what makes the 360 so special that it can charge me on top of my ISP charge, just to play with my friends online?

anyway, the rest of the games on the list aren't bad, just not my cup of tea (except for Bomberman; i love that game).
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Mc187  +   2599d ago
caffman that was priceless and Ram is a moron!
Parm  +   2599d ago
The list may have been misinterpreted
Just a quick note to say that the list may have been slightly misunderstood. It isn't just five must-have games, it's five must-have games that some people may have overlooked.

Granted, titles like Gears, Bioshock, Forza etc are arguably the very best games - but they're also at the forefront of the public's attention, they're near impossible to miss.

This was a list of five games that may have been missed, but really ought to be played. In my opinion, of course. :)
poopface1  +   2598d ago
I agree with your list
cause crackdown is on it. I really had no idea about it till a non-gamer friend suggested it to me. Anyone who enjoys the GTA games might really like what it offers.

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