Details from Pokkén Tournament Stream Show New Characters and More

Hardcore Gamer: Tonight, North American fans were lucky enough to get a live look at the upcoming Pokémon arcade fighting game. The Pokkén Tournament stream contained a lot of fun with tons of special guests but the stream also revealed vital updates of what's to come.

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RmanX1000848d ago

Wow. This roster is opening to be pretty damn diverse. I'm liking that they're not just picking all of the obvious ones and are mixing it up with Gardevoir, Suicune, and Gengar.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Big_Game_Hunters848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

No Gengar no buy.... assuming it makes it to Wiiu

edit: actually read the article hype hype. Now they just need to add Breloom and feralligator and my three favorite Pokemon will be in the roster.

Majin-vegeta848d ago

Scyther,Magmar& Electrobuzz for me allow them evolve and I'm good.

Big_Game_Hunters848d ago

I think either sycther or sizzor will be in for sure. Electrobuzz and magmar are a bit more wishful thinking.

MeteorPanda848d ago

l thought Breloom was already in it?

Oh wait that was that other unofficial pokemon fighter

Metallox848d ago

The game still looks horrendous. Everything looks so bland and dusty-like.

Big_Game_Hunters848d ago

It does sort of look like a spamfest based on the videos we've seen.

KryptoniteTail848d ago

Pokemon it needs that I doubt will get in:

Haunter, Flareon, and Squirtle.

MeteorPanda848d ago

You want the False Prophet in there???

All hail Helix!

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