P.T. Being Delisted on April 29

Hardcore Gamer: Konami’s Japanese site has revealed that P.T., the “Playable Teaser” for Silent Hills will be taken off of PSN on April 29.

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Thatguy-310944d ago

Since I doubt we'll get the silent hills game developers should note what P.T did and follow in it's footsteps. The demo is a perfect example of how a horror game should be done.

WhiteGamerInc944d ago

Who knows. E3 is right around the corner, we may have more light shed on the situation then

SpaceRanger944d ago

Unfortunately with all that's been going on with Konami, its production has probably been halted. :/
I really hope it hasn't though.

I'm glad that I have this masterpiece of a horror teaser/game downloaded to my PS4. It shouldn't be affected by this hopefully.

UltraNova943d ago


After all that positive reception received for PT no company in their right minds would announce anything on its potential hiatus or cancellation at the years biggest games expo.

Wait for silence and avoidance on the matter from Konami come E3 if the project is indeed on permafrost.

slinky123456944d ago

Except for the fact that the last puzzle makes no sense, and it's still not exactly clear how/why it is done the way it is.

Ryan741943d ago

Alien Isolation already answered that, its awesome.

UltraNova943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

Its on its way to my mailbox. Cant wait to put on my elite 800 headphones and play this puppy!

I've heard and read the best things about AI but Japanese horror games like Silent Hills are a different kind of beast than western horror...a very very disturbing kind of beast!

pwnsause_returns943d ago

ALien isolation is completely different from what we were going to get here.

Pintheshadows943d ago

Games involving Del Toro seem to be cursed.

Summons75943d ago

One is bad luck, two is a coincidence, three is a pattern. Hopefully his third try will be successful for the sake of him and all of us.

Gardenia943d ago

But not how a Silent Hill should be. Anyone who played the first 3 Silent Hill games knows it's about psychological pain and nightmares, not jump scares in first person

fr0sty943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

There are only 2 "jump scares" in p.t. (dying and when she throws the windowpane over the balcony), and the trailer they released for silent hills didn't have any. After playing p.t., I think first person is the best for horror. Better immersion.

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Dark_Vendetta944d ago

Actually they said they'll remove it at some point when they first released it (people assumed it would be a way shorter time). So it doesn't necessary have to do anything with current events, but it could of course

Palitera944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

The final proof that core gamers rule nothing.

Blank943d ago

And in reading this sad statement and all the news within 4 months and some plus time I go to sleep wary wondering about my wallet and hobby.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI943d ago

Gamers have nothing to do with internal conflict within konami.

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Avalanche944d ago

will this being delisted erase it from my console, or my "Library"?

Me-Time944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Quick Answer -

"a7xgemini +
If you have downloaded it, you own it forever and can re-download as many times times as you want using the same PSN ID you got it from originally."

Boring Answer -

When Gran Turismo HD released with a dozen cars and a track as a teaser, it was later removed from the PSN store less than 12 months later. I downloaded it back when that initial demo was available, and I was able to re-download it using an alternate PS3 6 years after it was removed.

If Sony intend to erase P.T., it would be a ***k*n shame. It's a different story with Polyphony Digital and Kojima Studios. Even though H. Kojima has been with Sony just a couple of years shorter than K. Yamauchi, Kojima decided to go all multi-plat a decade ago (no fanboy-"ism", just messing). That would, or could, be the only explanation for neutering a teaser such as P.T.

I mean, holy hell, it was an amazing concept to... conceive. The reveal of Del Toro and Reedus with Kojima leading. Just like the first time watching Ifrit slam a meteoroid down toward those stupid venus flytrap-looking things. I felt INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Still, I don't think they'd be able to manage erasing it? I wouldn't know if it's possible to remove it off of systems. GT HD likely wasn't an exception, so I would like to say that it's safe to say it will continue to be downloadable using the original account.

hells_supernova944d ago

It is Konami removing the demo....

kingPoS943d ago

I still have the Gran Turismo hd, and MGS4 demo's, problem is, I have to drill down past over 2400 items from my download list to get to them. 😧>_<😩

Gateway MT6706 2008

GameSpawn943d ago


Agreed. I wish Sony would add a filter/search to the download list. Through the PSN website storefront my download list is over 40 pages and 1000 items (even worse when browsing on the Vita or PS3).

That said, I still have access to LOTS of the stuff I've bought, but apparently some things have been permanently delisted for some people (seems to be mostly PSOne titles).

I can understand PSOne titles being removed for compatibility issues, but if that was the case for them being permanently removed owners of said titles should receive some sort of compensation for no longer having any access to that specific content when the rest of the service is still running without issue.

uth11943d ago

They could potentially pull the license and it would stop working.

Not saying they are planning to do that in this case

Me-Time943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

That's probably what I was trying to get at in this circumstance with this unfortunate situation. It's two very different situations (after hearing Silent Hills won't come to fruition an hour ago).

Konami. What in the hell.

On a lighter note, rainbows!

Wait, actually, this...
"hells_supernova + 16h ago
It is Konami removing the demo...."

Konami "shared" Metal Gear with Sony at the beginning, so I misinterpreted it. With PD, they're a full-on first-party developer directed by K. Yamauchi.

I have to say, thanks for the post uth11.