House of Wolves Weapons

Gamer.Ninja offers you a comprehensive look into the latest and newest House of Wolves weapons. There are many new weapons being introduced. From Auto Rifles to Sniper Rifles, the House of Wolves expansion within Destiny will bring you many upgraded and cool weapons to take down the enemy.

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A-stil_Tv1123d ago

Yay more rehashed guns!!! gonna have to grind harder than tony on a skateboard. Good luck fellas I'm am so glad I got rid of it. For once I got over on GameStop lol they gave me $17 for it. But enjoy to those who do like the game,

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zidane13411123d ago

There's less grind then ever before and they are making it even less of a grind with the new expansion. You have no idea what your talking about.

JeffGUNZ1123d ago

Actually, the LMG shown is a new LMG design to the game so it is not rehased. Good try.

DevilishSix1123d ago

Move on nothing to see here.