These Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Blend the Line Between Video-Games & Reality

Reddit’s ‘YOLOLOLOLO420′ has shared the following mind-blowing screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V looks amazing and while there aren’t any graphical mods or texture packs for it yet, it sports visuals that – at the right angle – can look like real photos.

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KarmaV121036d ago

Those were taken with the GTA editor on PC. Saw them posted on PCMasterRace sub-reddit

hothead1036d ago

it just shows a decent PC build will always get the best graphical results

Bdub20001035d ago

Waiting for PS4 guys to troll about how their system can pull that off too...

Conzul1035d ago

Bro when you can pull this off with ~$400 then you get to say stuff like that...

KarmaV121035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

If you built a $400 PC, and devs built and optimized the game specifically for that PC structure, you will end up with that. There are thousands of different PC configurations. Devs can't build for each one so they go with the average.

AndrewLB1035d ago

Conzul- Except your PS4 wasn't $400. It costs more like $700-800 when you factor in how much you MUST pay every year for online use. And for $800 you can build a pretty solid PC, especially since the price of a GTX 770 (over 2x more powerful than PS4) can be had for $199. Most people already own a PC though, and if it was purchased/built in the last 6 years, all one needs to do is buy a decent graphics card and it will destroy the PS4. If your PC does fit the bill of being a modern quad-core, for the $400 price tag of just the PS4 hardware you can buy a GTX 780 Ti at newegg. When overclocked that card can throw down just over 6.1 tflops. I own one, it's a great card.

It's a shame so many games have to cater to outdated console hardware because modern graphics potential is so far beyond what they're capable of. The prime example of what an "unhindered" PC game looks like can be seen here:

Regardless... I think Rockstar did a fantastic job with the PC version of GTA V considering they didn't start with a blank canvas in this case. It does reinforce why many multiplatform games are developed for PC first and then ported to console. Because instead of improving already existing textures and effects, they can simply select one of the lower graphics settings and port the game based on that.

Crimzon1035d ago


PS4 owner here that has a lot of envy for anyone that can play the game not only with graphics like that, but also at 60fps. I wish I had a powerful PC because although GTA5 is nice on console, it really is disappointing when driving fast and the framerate starts to chug in the low 20s. When a port of a PS3/360 game can't even manage a steady 30fps on your shiny new console it certainly makes you question if the money was worth it.

BeefCurtains1035d ago


Any GPU for $200 is about twice as powerful as PS4... So I guess stuff like that can be said.

Utalkin2me1035d ago

Well unfortunately the game actually looks nothing like that while playing. And yes i have a top end PC.

ion6661035d ago

Give a few and online will be rendered useless by hackers and cheaters. like the ps3 version.

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3-4-51036d ago

Game runs awesome on PC. I just don't have a good enough GPU to take advantage of it.

jordaninthesky1035d ago

Yeah, it's too clear. I do think that in gaming, everything needs to be clear so you can choose what to focus on. Its not a "picture" of reality, and I can tell that you detect that.

Perjoss1035d ago

Just this weekend I finished building a machine that can play this with all settings maxed including all the stuff in the advanced menu and 4x MSAA. I'm using a 2560x1600 monitor and the game looks truly amazing.

I was pretty much blown away by the old gen to PS4/XB1 conversion and thought they couldn't do much better on PC, the foreground stuff looks a little better but it really shines with insane draw distance and being able to make out the tiniest details that are really far away thanks to the better anti aliasing.

sinspirit1035d ago


Antisotropic filtering, draw distance, and resolution :p

Everything far away just looks immensely more clear. But, most of my favorite games are actually on console but, I currently only play PC and handhelds(sometimes).

subtenko1035d ago

GTA V clearly.... its not hard to tell

Not there yet sadly

kevlar19811036d ago

gta v does look amazing on pc...its just a shame about the random crashes its plagued with at the can be either 5 minutes into a session or 30 mins and then boom..system crash.a lot of players are having this issue aswell if you check the support page on rockstars site...and then theres the blitz play mission bug where you have to use a workaround or it crashes to desktop...sadly it needs a few patches yet to make it playable,hopefully when the dust settles and all the kinks are ironed out we'll start seeing some awesome mods pop up

Nio-Nai1036d ago

I was having huge issues with the game, but then again I had finally switched away from the 14.9 AMD trusty drives I've been rocking for a while to 15.2/15.3/15.4 which all caused crashing issues with the game and crossfire problems.

Switched back to the old 14.9 and haven't had an issues since, Just finished with a 8 hour session actually. Games a blast.

However it wasn't fun getting it to work properly, I spent a good 12 hours troubleshooting my desktop by canceling services one by one till I found issues with the various drivers and then having to boot into save mode to fix BSODs from bad uninstalls. But after all that game works fine again.

(*if one person makes a "AMD" comment I'll probably smack them since the same issues happening with my old 2x 770 system I sold to a friend and I had to the same process for him, but I already had the drivers downloaded and knew which one to set it to*)

hiredhelp1036d ago

7970 here no crashes latest Beta driver but still have problems online.
No need fight about it thoe..
Actually your problems dont supprise me Ive seen crash posts on Nvidia forums too with the game. :)

mattdillahunty1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

i haven't had any crashes, but i get random stuttering at times, and when i turn my character quickly, the game stutters and gets choppy for half a second. i have SLI 970s and a G-Sync monitor, so i'm really surprised that that happens. especially when i get 80-100fps most of the time, and that's with almost everything on high or max.

other than that, though, the visuals are amazing and the game is super fun.

GameSpawn1035d ago

As a Crossfire user here I can say you don't do SLI or Crossfire without knowing the consequences from the get go. I had issues with Skyrim for MONTHS until both a better AMD driver was released (I used the beta drivers until this, but I experienced random crashes to the desktop with many games) and an update for Skyrim that addressed issues with Crossfire/SLI.

shaenoide1036d ago

I have no problem at all. Do you have an AMD card or something?

Maul_T_Pass1036d ago

There is a huge memory leak in the game atm. Search Google and you'll find tons of threads about it. Rockstar has been pretty silent during the whole thing...

Skankinruby1036d ago

Too bad the rest of the game looks like a comic strip

NiteX1036d ago

I don't get this. Comics are usually incredibly detailed and awesome looking. So how is that bad?

Skankinruby1035d ago

Look at the heading of this article, it claims this game blends the line between games and reality when ironically in 'reality' the graphics in this game are border line cell shaded and not even close to realistic and this is just another attempt at a journalist trying to jerk off to this game with zero validity to their claim.

N0TaB0T1036d ago

You sir are a disgusting excuse for a troll.

Skankinruby1035d ago

Oh no, you're breaking my heart.....seriously

PersonMan1036d ago

That grass comparison screenshot they posted is only because of higher draw distance on PC.

Moldiver1036d ago

Looks like a leap above GTA V on current gen consoles. Almost not even the same game in those pics. Insane detail and IQ.

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