E3: PSN's Rat Race cancelled

French website Gamekult writes:

"Ironically, Sony confirmed during the E3 the cancellation of Rat Race, a PlayStation Network project announced last October. If the concept of a humoristic game in several episodes had attracted Sony Worldwide Studios, its President Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that problems of development had pushed its destiny."

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JoelR3802d ago

No real loss there...
Thought the concept was bad to begin with.

Adamalicious3802d ago

I was wondering what happened to this game. Too bad.

Overr8ed3802d ago

Yea i didnt understand what was the point of this game.

thor3802d ago

I didn't find any of it funny, either. Maybe it was because it was american-style humour, but probably mostly because it hit the uncanny valley slap bang in the middle.

sinncross3802d ago

thats all I can say. I'm glad Sony seem to be keeping a better eye then usual on quality. Let's hoping their money and efforts are being used well, and that they'll announce the continuation of Getaway and Eight Days soon.