Is Destiny any Better? - 7 Months Later

Josh, of ToasterChimp, has returned to Destiny after a few months and played for about a week. He discusses whether or not the game has improved and where it could possibly go in the future.

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masterfox1178d ago

is a fun game, it has soooo many damn missed opportunities that could make the game of the decade but as it is now is just another game.

-Foxtrot1178d ago

A tad but still not enough for people to put down their recent games and go back to the game

The game could of been so many things but it fell flat on it's face.

It's Activision sadly...I'm more annoyed that I let myself get caught up in the hype.

jmobley1178d ago

yeah it has made great strides but it's not quite on the same level other MMOs are on yet.

Soc51178d ago

I'm curious how many people are playing, I tried the beta and it wasn't my cup of tea, but I'm sure lots of people think it's fun. Is it doing well, not well, mediocre?

jmobley1178d ago

There is still a dedicated fan base playing weekly, still raiding, etc.

Letthewookiewin1178d ago

I play it almost every day to just do the bounties to level weapons and knock out the weekly stuff. And there are no shortage of players.

Conzul1178d ago

There's no shortage of players that I can see while I'm playing it.
Well, I maxed my grimoire so the matchmaker puts me with the same people every so often, but that's rare. I'm nearly always bombarded by names of people I haven't seen before, and I'm always harvesting PSN friends from it.

wnek91178d ago

its decent but it has a lot of flaws that can be easily ironed out for the sequel to make it an overall more enjoyable experience.

jmobley1178d ago

agreed, I'm interested to see how the game evolves in the next year.

OmegaShen1178d ago

With HoW adding things to lower grinding and more things to do. Yeah, it is getting better.

Still has alot of players, more players started to play because HoW is coming soon. I have put over 200hrs in it and still played other games that came out.

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The story is too old to be commented.