Steam For-Profit Mod System Fallout Grows & It’s Going to Get Worse

Community fallout from the Steam Workshop's new for-profit mod system has already started. Even worse is controversy over who owns the content has kicked off and Valve appears unprepared.

These problems are popping up only a few short days after the program was started. This new program is bound to keep creating them, so how is Valve going to deal with them? The way things look now the for-profit mod system is going to keep getting worse and Valve will be left playing catchup.

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Minimoth1156d ago

Mods are one of the biggest benefits of being a PC gamer. The backlash for this is just the beginning I'm sure.

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-Foxtrot1156d ago

Well there goes my dream that one day consoles would allow you to play on mods created for these games. Imagine playing on mods for Fallout 4 when it came know how much replay value you'd get for it.

rainslacker1156d ago

I think it actually increases the chance that it could happen. If there is a viable revenue stream which requires no actual work on the publishers part, why would they be stupid enough to not want it?

I think if any console makers could make modding available without compromising their system's security, then they will quickly become much more appealing.

The real reason mods aren't available on consoles, beyond the hardware concerns, is that it actually can compromise the sales of official DLC, or future content from a particular developer. There are some other minor issues to contend with, but publishers mostly don't want to compete with free content.

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OrangePowerz1156d ago

I was in favor of having people sell their mods, but I was foolish and expected Valve to do that because they realized how much work people put into making mods. Given what percentage of the share Valve takes it`s clear I was wrong and they don`t do it because of how much work modders put into making mods, but instead just to line their pockets.

I fully expected Valve to get some money from it and also that the game Publisher would get some money, but that money split up is just ridiculous and unless the modders set the price high they won`t really get anything out of it given with how little they are left after Valve takes their share.

They also didn`t put anything into place for making sure sold mods don`t contain copyright material instead they let the community do the work that Valve should be doing.

Like the Steam machine this is a haphazard thing that was quickly thrown together without really thinking and planning anything or having answers ready for the questions that people will ask.

Fireseed1156d ago

I'm very much in favor for the ability to charge for mods, but I completely agree. The profit margin needs to be reversed, and Valve needs to step in and do some verification. But then again verification is ALWAYS been Steams biggest issue. Just look at Greenlight. Letting the community do what should be Valves job.

TeamLeaptrade1156d ago

I think charging for mods is fine too. I agree 100% that the split pay is not right. I personally think the mod revenue should go to the actual maker of the mod. I understand why someone the developer of the game would get some of that profit I suppose, but I still feel that's a bit wrong. Aren't most of the mods priced fairly low anyways?

eldingo1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

to be fair valve takes 30% of all mods by default anything higher than that is the punlishers cut bethesda helped kick off this shitstorm by taking 45% of the profit upping it to 75% im not triyn to excuse valve just give proper context into why its not all their fault only most of it.

GreetingsfromCanada1156d ago

I don't care if mods cost money, it's the creators right. My problem is they only receive 25%

Peace_Love_and_FPS1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

I think a more passive role by steam would have worked better. Allowing modders to either:

a) Charge their own rate with say 50% going to the publisher
b) Donate/name your price system keeping that 50% rule
c) Free, as it always has been.

Theres no reason whatsoever Valve's middleman cost should be 50%. If anything that should be the publisher because it is their product, but regardless, Valve did not help create the game nor the mod but they wmake the most out of it. Wrong.

Off-topic: Greetings, fellow Canadian :) Go, Flames, Go. F*** the Ka-Shmucks! (hopefully you're not from BC)

Nio-Nai1156d ago

Valve doesn't get 75%, They get 30% and Beth gets 45%..

Valve runs the servers, hosts the game and hosts the mods, as well as advertises the mods.

I think that's pretty damn fair considering the low quality of most mods.