Rebel Galaxy is a Pleasant Surprise from the Creators of Diablo and Torchlight | USGamer

It was hard to miss Rebel Galaxy at Sony's recent digital showcase. Amid the pixel art and platformers that have become so common over the past few years, its impressive 3D starships immediately stood out.

"Two guys did all of that," a Sony employee told me at one point during the event, a slight note of incredulity in their voice.

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theXtReMe11063d ago

Yes! Any space/ flight combat game, is a good one... in my opinion. It is my favorite genre and is sorely lacking so far this gen. The fact that this game looks really good, is just icing on the cake. I am hoping we hear something about a new Ace Combat for the PS4 come E3. This and No Mans Sky are a good start, hopefully they both do really well and usher in a resurgence in support for the genre.

Cant wait!