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Whenever Xenoblade Chronicles comes up in coversation, the refrain is usually the same: "It's so big. The scale is incredible!" Jeremy and I discussed it at some length in our review of the 3DS port, mostly in terms of whether or not it worked on the small screen. Suffice it to say that it didn't.

Xenoblade Chronicles X, however, is both on a television and in high-definition. And in its natural habitat on console, the scale definitely holds up. If you thought Xenoblade Chronicles was big, then get ready, because Xenoblade Chronicles X is exponentially larger.

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maniacmayhem1152d ago

This game is going to be huge. People keep saying or thinking Nintendo is doomed because Zelda has been delayed, which is hilarious because Sony and MS has delayed a few of their big name games to next year too but for some reason it's DOOM for Nintendo.

I mean we have Xenoblade, Devil's Third, Splatoon, and hopefully Starfox, not to mention anything that pops up at E3 (METROID!!!).

Nintendo is fine without Zelda this year and I would rather they take their time then rush it out to meet some date.

MrSwankSinatra1151d ago

Sony and MS have the luxury of delaying their big 1st party titles since they actually get "3rd Party support" unlike Nintendo. Wii U gaming is pretty much limited with almost ZERO 3rd party games and small stream of 1st party games. Zelda being delayed was IN FACT a huge blow. Games like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Devil's Third are not system sellers regardless how people try to make them out to be. Hell Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii didn't even sell all that great considering it was on a console with an install base of 100 million. Splatoon is a new IP which has yet to prove itself and Star Fox we haven't even see one glimpse of footage yet.

maniacmayhem1151d ago

It's good that people are worried about system sellers, but I'm more worried about great games for a system I already own.

And Devil's Third, Splatoon and Xenoblade look to be fantastic games for my WiiU.

addictedtochaos1151d ago

The original Xenoblade was limited by being a GameStop exclusive and it still sold every copy.

wonderfulmonkeyman1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

IMO, saying Xenoblade X has no potential move systems, after all we've seen of it, all the positive reception it's getting, and all the people listing this right alongside FFXV as one of their must-have RPG's of this gen, is an unfair assessment of its potential.
The only thing that could hold it back from being a great system seller, or at least a game that moves itself to a very large portion of current Wii U owners, is poor marketing.

Downplay it all ya like, people, but this has the POTENTIAL to be a system seller.
It's up to how Nintendo markets it that will decide if it lives up to that.
And considering the latest Direct had Bill Trinen puting it up on the same level of quality as Zelda, I'd say they're taking the game far more seriously than those who are downplaying it as a mere niche game are willing to admit.

Griever1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )


We will find out very soon if your opinion is correct or not. Do you really see people buying a $350 console for this one game? For example, I am a hardcore and crazy JRPG fan. Have played em ALL. Name a decent JRPG in the past 20 years and there is a 99% chance I have played it. Even I am not going to buy a Wii U for this game. Why? Because spending $350+$60 for playing a single game is too expensive for me even if I want to play this game as bad as I do. That is true for MANY people. What do I do with my Wii U once I get done with X? I do not play platformers or Marios. Zelda is a one game per generation franchise. What do I have left to look forward to on my $350 console? You see, there is the reason for the poor sales of Wii U. Consoles are an investment and people only invest in one if they see a healthy future full of games from their favorite genres. Not for just one or two once in a blue moon rare gem.

Germany71151d ago

I just know that i will buy a Wii U to play this game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

@ Greiver
What do you have too look forward to?
Well, quite a bit, honestly, if you're willing to look past main line first party games, into indies and other exclusives, instead of deciding there's nothing there solely off of the fact that multiplats aren't always present.
Multiplats are not all that matter, and the library on the Wii U is now full enough that if you don't have it as a complement to your third party player, you are missing out on quite a few great games.

As it stands, it's already a worthwhile investment that is worth the time to save up for.

And if we're being perfectly blunt, everything we've seen of Xenoblade X makes it a game you can easily get enough enjoyment out of to make it a game worth that console price.
Just like FFXV, it's going to be a truly unique and worthwhile experience that no other console exclusive JRPG in the last 10 years can claim to have surpassed.

1151d ago
NoctisPendragon1151d ago

XCX will sell as much as FF XV according to the internet . So it is a system seller .

styferion1151d ago

meh, I bought WiiU specifically for this game, as did many of my friends. Just because a game sales target is below that of GTA/CoD doesn't mean it's doom and gloom for them.
All these 'news reader' love to think that everything that's not on par with record breaker console/game sales means it's game over for them..

Griever1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )


You say "quite a bit" but you do not name any games coming in the future that I should have to look forward too. As I said, I do not play platformers, 8-bit indies, Marios and games with anthropomorphic animals so those games are out of the question. I only play games with a story and mostly RPGs. Tell me what I will have to look forward to on the Wii U? Name some RPGs on Wii U that I can play.

As for a single games justifying the price of the console; obviously the gaming market does not agrees with you otherwise the Wii U would be selling like crazy with some highly rated exclusive already available. No matter how good X is, a single game can never justify the price of a console. Only a fanboy can think that. No rational person buys a console to play a single or even 2 or even 3 games in 5 years. That is just stupid and a waste of money.

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BigDuo1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

In terms of software sales, Nintendo's most definetly not fine without Zelda. It has no flagship IPs to rely on this year, so chances are most of these games will not lead to triple digit hardware sales, something Wii U has rarely had outside of Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros during their respective months of release.

As for E3, I don't think we'll get any new big game releases for Wii U this year. Nintendo still has to release Splatoon, Mario Maker, Yoshi's Wooly World, Devil's Third, Star Fox, Fatal Frame, Xenoblade X on top of previously released Kirby's Rainbow Curse, Mario Party 10 and Mario vs. DK. Fire Emblem X SMT appears to only be announced for a winter release in Japan. There's also still Project Guard and Project Giant Robot, but we don't know yet if these will be small-scale stand alone games or if one or both will be incorporated into another game such as Star Fox. In addition, Nintendo has plans to release more DLC for Smash Bros in June and Splatoon has DLC essentially confirmed in one of the developer's statements, but we don't know if it will be released this year and what content it will include.
If there's any new big game to announce at E3, it may just be for 2016 for all we know.I mean, even last year, with only 6 total game releases by Nintendo for North America (including titles it published and not developed itself) the only new E3 game that was announced and released in 2014 was just Captain Toad, a small-scale cross-over title that came out in December for North America and January 2015 for Europe.

If you guys are interested, check out this gameplay video of Xenoblade X.It's a 5 minute look at the Noctilum environment during the night and you can clearly hear the atmospheric music theme track too. Enjoy. By the way, there's no story spoilers shown.

Ninte1151d ago

I wonder how big Zelda will be?

BigDuo1151d ago

We got a brief glimpse of part of the Zelda game's map displayed on the GamePad touchscreen last year. Also, according to Miyamoto, one particular area of Zelda's Wii U map size will be bigger than the entire map size of Twilight Princess, so it sounds pretty big!

Here's the link.

Big_Game_Hunters1151d ago

Instant classic
XboxWeekly:" Xenoblade X is one of our Top 10 must play games of the past 20 years."

Playstation magazine: "Why xenoblade X is our GOTG"

PCGamerMagazine: "Xenoblade Chronicles X puts my rig to shame".

NintendoMagazine: "Mario Maker out this fall"

LaserEyeKitty1151d ago

I am going to officially refrain from reading anymore on this game, as it's hype has reached the level where it is teetering on too much.