Sony Has Certain Parity Policies As Well, Microsoft’s Indie Requirements Are Not Unreasonable - Dev

Grip Games' Jakub Mikyska on indie policies of Sony and Microsoft.

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Transistor1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

It should be surprising, some details would be nice.

There are numerous indie developers who frequent Neogaf who pretty much say the exact opposite. Sony has been great and it's why they all want to work with them. Microsoft not so much.

Read this thread for a better idea, here is a bunch of them talking about their expierences with both. Not filtered through Gamingbolt for clicks.

lelo2play1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Feel bad about those developers, but... neogaf? Seriously? That forum is a infested cesspool.

@BabyTownFrolics, Transistor
Take a look at some of the comments from the link above and tell me if that is downright classy and calm.

BabyTownFrolics1061d ago

Neogaf looks downright classy and calm as opposed to n4g. It's the stupid bubble policy, also I miss have two zones.

Transistor1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

They say they same about N4G.

The reality is there are terrible people on every site regardless of which console they like better.

I will say this though, Neogaf is much more educated about the workings of the industry then most people here. Developers, people who work for NPD and all companies employees frequent there. Here not so much. Understandable though, here you give people real info and they reply with numbers from VGchartz. Lol.

DragonKnight1061d ago

Sony's parity policies are already known and likely the same for indies as they are for established studios. If you have to have your game release on multiple platforms and Playstation isn't the first, then Sony demands extra features be added to compensate the users having to wait for the game. I thought this was common knowledge.

AstroCyborg1061d ago

of course they'd say that on neogaf if you say anything bad about sony your gone

bleedsoe9mm1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

@AstroCyborg well said bub
@DragonKnight thats why super time force got the yoshida character , they thought it was funny .

thats because neogaf only welcomes people who say good things about sony or bad things about ms , either will do but preferably both .

SilentNegotiator1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

"has policies" =/= "same as Microsoft's policies"

XisThatKid1060d ago

Agree or not the way I see it The most popular console probably WOULD have some of the worst people commenting which in this case is PS4 just like back when the most popular consoles get the most shovelware

Bottom line there are 20 people and 3 houses, out of those 20 people 8 of them are serial killers what ever house out of the three can house the most people runs the biggest chance and likelyhood of having the most killers in their midst.
This is just my theory and since their are more than 20 mill PS4s out their so many players so we have the Sh*t that goes with it. Aside the fact that ALL sides have horrible people hiding behind the anonymity of the internet with no real consequences and sheer ignorance no website is safe that has a comment section period. But we all know all of this.

WCxAlchemist1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )


Edit: NEOGAF!? Are you seriously pulling qoutes from Neogaf!?!?

Edit X2: Are we talkin bout the same NEOGAF?!?

MazzingerZ1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

I guess it's a matter of gamers noticing those...with No Man's Sky releasing soon, probably the biggest INDIE title in the coming years, it's hard to care about this article

fr0sty1060d ago

Forcing devs to add content to a timed exclusive on another platform is a far cry from requiring devs to release on both platforms at once.

Christopher1060d ago

***Sony's parity policies are already known and likely the same for indies as they are for established studios. If you have to have your game release on multiple platforms and Playstation isn't the first, then Sony demands extra features ***

I've never heard them "demand" it. Only ask. Any proof that they "demand" it?

mikeboccher1060d ago

why would you believe ANYTHING that is said on Neogaf when it is so cleary a biased site towards PS? I mean really

Docknoss1060d ago

@babytownfrolics very well said. I miss the segregation and hate the bubble system. Honestly is a very flawed system. Where even if you say something that's well said and Intelligent. Console Biased N4Gers can take your bubbles away and especially when this site has more readers that of a particular console. The System is Broke, fight the power!

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Iluvtrim1061d ago ShowReplies(1)
OB1Biker1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

No surprises...from this site. and here run the fanboy wars

n4rc1061d ago

love how i get disagrees for THAT!

are you surprised sony has a parity policy? then youre a .... well... pick an insult

or maybe youre surprised by the obvious... ms works with developers and no policy is set in stone.. we already have proof of it in multiple titles that break the so-called parity clause..

Nirvana315911061d ago

I swear I knew this was gaming bolt before I even clicked

raymantalk11060d ago

if sony has parity policies then state them dont just bullshit prove it or get lost.

Brotard1060d ago

a little surprising since its the only negative thing I've heard about sonys indie policies yet.

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MasterCornholio1061d ago

What parity policy?

This is the first time that I'm hearing that Sony has a policy like Microsoft does

SoapShoes1061d ago

It probably just means it has to have the same quality on PS4 as any other platform. Doubt it's like MS where games have to release simultaneously on their platform as everyone else's.

JorboTron1060d ago

MS DOES NOT require games to be released at the same time ie Guacamelee. MS handles them on a case by case basis if they do not have a simultaneous release. MS would prefer to have them add exclusive content like Shovel Night is doing (battletoads) to make it special. Their policies are nearly the same as Sony. People just love to hate on MS and rightfully so they have done some really dumb stuff recently. but in th past so has SONY, SEGA, NINTENDO...

lelo2play1061d ago

Last gen Sony had a policy that if a game was released later on the PS3, it had to have extra content. Don't know if that is still used with the PS4.

MasterCornholio1061d ago

I'm guessing it's that policy. And if you look at games that came late to the PS4 you can see it in effect. Like how in Shovel Knight Kratos is a boss or how in Super Time Squad you can play as Shuhei for example.

LOL_WUT1061d ago

I'd prefer Sony's policy over Microsoft tbh rather have the game release late with more content than not at all ;)

maniacmayhem1061d ago

Sony has had similar policies it's just that a last gen a Sony exec took it upon himself to call out MS and the media and the internet ran with it.

MasterCornholio1061d ago

I honestly dont see requiring extra content for a game that comes late to be the same thing as completely blocking the game from releasing on the system.

But that's just my opinion.

P.S I know there's a way around Microsoft's parity clause through a loophole.

marlinfan101061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )


That's the same as the xbox policy. The head of the program came out and confirmed it if I'm not mistaken (that a game could release later on xbox, it just needs additional content). Yet it's a huge problem on here when MS does it.

If the dev doesn't add content, then it's essentially blocked from playstation, same goes for xbox.

rainslacker1060d ago

MS's loophole is pretty much what what Sony's policy is as well isn't it? Add content, and it can release on the system.

I really don't know if these policies are set in stone so steadfast that the console maker wouldn't just allow a game on another system if the developer asked. To me, there is ultimately no harm for a game releasing later on another system. It may be harmful if a game releases first on another system though...which is why these policies exist in the first place.

freshslicepizza1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

on the ps3 sony had a policy that required games to have some form of additional content that was exclusive if the game was already released on the xbox 360. not sure if they do on the ps4 but what would be nice is this developer giving details as to what they are for indie games. we all well aware about microsoft's policies so why wouldn't sony's also be known?

the thing is these companies know most sales are front loaded and if a game comes out later it risks selling a lot less copies. that is why they want at least simultaneous releases or new content exclusive to gain more interest.

mhunterjr1061d ago

But Microsoft doesn't block them entirely, they just require extra content... And in some cases allow the game to be released without extra content.

Yetter1061d ago

Seems like this policy has been in place for quite some time. Doesn't seem to apply to PC ports like The Swapper but if that game has been on another console than it does require additional content. Seems to me its almost identical to MS parity clause, the difference being one particular dev through MS under the bus and used it as their sole excuse for not releasing their game on xbox.

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Activemessiah1061d ago

Yet you dont hear about them... meaning it's not so bad... at least not as bad as MS.

Naga1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Just because you don't hear about something as much doesn't mean it's not as bad; that's an error in logic.

TFJWM1061d ago

While that is true I think he means we have yet to hear any developers complain about Sony's policies. Even this one just says they have something in place not that it is an issue

GTgamer1061d ago

If the devs don't complain then how bad can it be :.

BG115791061d ago

Yeah, we ear more praises than complaints.
I would like to read more about Sony's parity rules, because no example is given the article.

AstroCyborg1061d ago

the only reasons its not bad is because its sony

Why o why1061d ago

Change your record already. . . . . .

Gosh. . Seems some people want parity on everything, good and bad. Fact is these company's are not the same apart from the fact they want our money. We've heard about certain policies from last gen. I'll consider this plausible if there were more cases with specifics. This isn't being clear enough for anybody to compare the 2 company's policies imo. . . The quest for parity continues. . Lol

RIP_Cell1061d ago

you don't hear about them because they are all under NDAs

rainslacker1060d ago

We have heard about them though. It came to light at about the same time as MS parity policy last gen.

So if you didn't hear about them, you either weren't paying attention, nor was this an actual problem for you until it could be a possible shot fired for petty console war preferences.

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Condemnedman1061d ago

Let's hear the spin now then defenders .

Silly gameAr1061d ago

Spin what? There are no details about these certain parity policies, yet you have people like you in the comments saying, "yeah Sony too". Then again you don't have to add any details in an article on N4G for people to believe it.

RpgSama1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

If he doesn't explicitely say what are these "Certain Parity Policies", it could be anything from anti developers policies (doubt it), to obvious things like having matching prices for the software published at the time of launch in all consoles.

MrDead1061d ago

It doesn’t matter that the dev didn't elaborate on Sony Parity Policies, but lucky for Gamingbolt he said they have some so you can put it in the title and watch the hits come in.