The “cereal-box” PS4 is the weirdest PS4 ever

Someone made a custom PS4 to look like a box of General Mills cereal.

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Abash1183d ago

"PS4: Can you see why gamers love playing multiplats in native 1080p?"

NecotheSergal1183d ago

Ouch, 1 agree, 10 disagrees for that comment?


Convas1183d ago

I can see why!

Which is why we've been doing so on PC for ages ...

mikeslemonade1182d ago

That cereal is inferior.

All about Golden Grahams!

Cin Toast Crunch, Honey Bunch, Lucky Charms are all lame!

Jalva1183d ago

More milk for your cereal anyone? I have plenty!

Ferage1182d ago Show
Relientk771183d ago

And now I want Cinnamon Toast Crunch

WeAreLegion1183d ago

You misspelled "coolest".

TekKing1183d ago

General Mills is trash tier cereal.

Seraphim1183d ago

most cereal is trash tier. that being said, you can't compete with General Mills Monster Series come Halloween. Count Chocula, FrankenBerry, Boo Berry. There's even Fruity Yummy Mummi and Frute Brute. Can't say I care much for Frute Brute but come on, there's also Cheerios, Chex (as in home made Chex Mix), Lucky Charms and Trix. End of the day there's almost nothing better than the Monster Series unless you get into healthy cereals like Special K w/ Red Berries or Honey Bunches of Oats.

LAWSON721182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Between Lucky Charms (chocolate ftw) and the Halloween exclusive marshmallow cereals General Mills has some decent cereals. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is good but not a huge cinnamon fan especially when I drink the milk when I am done, I much prefer Golden grahams. Also nothing wrong with some Honey Nut Cheerios.

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The story is too old to be commented.