Paid Steam mods: a step in the right direction or disaster in the making?

Dealspwn: "If you're a PC gamer, chances are that you've noticed the storm clouds swirling around Steam over the last 48 hours. Valve have finally allowed mod creators to charge for their wares and let publishers control the cut, resulting in a flurry of premium modifications onto the store.

It's a real mess out there.

Though we love the idea of hard-working content creators to earn money for their efforts, it seems that Steam's first foray is hitting some serious stumbling blocks and fierce resistance both from customers and the community. Seeing as Steam are already still struggling to stop the rising tide of shovelware and Early Access tat from engulfing the quality and deserving titles, there's a case to be made that this is yet another area in which they're throwing quality control to the wind."

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nX1152d ago

Until today, I've not seen a mod that is worth more than a dollar imo. If they would become more ambitious and especially bug-free, I might consider paying for them... but until then I think this is a bad idea.

hugogs1152d ago

There are mods for skyrim wich change the combat completly,I remeber there being one mode wich added a wholne new story and quest and it was better than most DLC's we get.

I don't agree with charging for mods, I believe people should donate if they want to, but some of the mods ARE worth it.

uth111152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

I just feel that if you are a modder who puts a lot of work into these things, it's your decision whether to give them away or try to sell them, not the gaming communities' decision.

If your work is truly worth money, people will pay, if it isn't they won't

iamnsuperman1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

I think the point is though it was free and now it isn't. Donate pages have been around way before this and it isn't like the modders are getting 100% of the money (since it is distriputed) through the scheme (even more so when Mods of Mods are monitised). To me it seems it is monetising something that never really needed it in the first place. Modding fostered without it. I doubt paying for Mods is going to help foster talent (probably do the opposite)

uth111152d ago

If donation links are more lucrative than Steam, then I suspect most modders would stick to that.

Again it's choice.. Whoever created it should have the right to decide to sell it, but up a donation link or give it away.

HammadTheBeast1152d ago

Modders are getting 25% of the money. Publishers get 40%, as if they need to be rewarded for having new content and bugfixes and things added for their games by independant devs, and Valve takes 30%.

ZombieStalker1152d ago

I am all for MODers getting financial compensation for their creations but there needs to be quality control, a solid rating systems for MODS and most importantly a short period when refunds are supported. Some game MODs are great, others are horrible.

Yetter1152d ago

Because modding has always been inherently open source in nature and many mods require other mods to even function, attaching ownership and revenue is going to end up being a total clusterf*ck

jjb19811152d ago

All mods should have a trial period before people buy or modders wil start peddling crap.

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