Artist Redesigns the Final Fantasy 7 Cast with a Sci-Fi Anime Aesthetic

EB: Deviant Art member MrEdgyart has a line of Final Fantasy 7 pieces that feature radical character redesigns for the main cast, and their new looks have a very strong Sci-Fi Anime feel. Each character has been redesigned with this new aesthetic, although their iconic traits still carry over, making it easy to figure out who is who. For some reason I’m reminded of the Mass Effect: Paragon Lost anime film from a few years back when I look at MrEdgyart‘s FF7 gallery.

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DevilOgreFish907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

He so messed up on cloud, he's supposed to be 21 not 31.

Spurg906d ago

Aerith- The design is absolutely terrible. The only thing they got right was the colour. Her face looks too serious she suppose to be the innocent one in the group not the badass one.

Tifa-The hair suits her but the colour and clothes is all wrong...and Gun???

Sephiroth - He's the one winged angle why have they drawn two wings. Horns???

The person has the skills to drawn but it doesn't capture the essence of FF7 with the new designs.