Formula Fusion Kickstarter campaign commences from former WipEout developers

VVV: "Formula Fusion has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to secure development funding , with a modest goal of just £35,000. Indeed, it's a surprisingly low target, which R8 admit will will result in staff working on low salaries initially. However, the considerably higher stretch goals will secure full releases on other formats: £150,000 will secure a PC release in March 2016, whereas a steeper £350,000 goal will bring Formula Fusion over to PS4 and Xbox One. Virtual reality integration will also be possible with if a £250,000 is reached."

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JoeMcCallister1094d ago

Looks pretty cool, although racing can be a tough genre these days - hope it hits

gokuking1094d ago

I will link to this Kickstarter whenever someone says Vita killed Studio Liverpool and WipEout.

remixx1161094d ago

Damn, studio Liverpool was the one studio I felt like Sony made a huge mistake shutting down. Their games were always so polished and fun, I would've killed for polyphony digital and studio Liverpool to get together and make a wipeoutXgran turismo. It would have Wipeout's futuristic setting, tracks and cars but with the ability to buy hundreds of different hover vehicles and fine tune them and their weapons and even include an online dealership where players can sell their custom cars GT5 style.

SoapShoes1094d ago

They were great but really they didn't do much at all for years. We only got one PS3 game which was just an upgraded version of the PSP games we already saw, nothing new. Since 2005 they only made four games, 2 on PSP, 1 on PS3, and 1 on Vita. Plus it was all of the same franchise without a variety of franchises like when they were Pysgnosis on PS1. Granted I think WipEout 2048 was their best yet but they really weren't doing much for Sony, sadly. :(

Crimzon1094d ago

You're forgetting the excellent Formula 1 game that they released for PS3 not long after it launched. Then they released Wipeout HD a little while later and then released a huge expansion called Fury (which was basically Wipeout HD 2) a little while after that. Then they had to make a Vita game which didn't bode well for the studio, unfortunately.

So when you think about it, they actually had a pretty solid and consistent output. The problem was Sony put no effort into promoting them (I knew people who were HUGE Wipeout fans and had no idea Wipeout HD existed, even a year after launch) and then forced them to work on the Vita which was a death sentence (same thing happened to Zipper).

Meanwhile, we have studios who haven't released a game since the PS2 days (Team ICO) who Sony has chosen to keep funding, while kicking talented studios with consistent output to the curb. Shuhei Yoshida is an incompetent moron.

kraenk121094d ago

Sounds great to me. Very likeable guy and I loved Wipeout so much and just recently wondered why we won't get a new one. Sadly today's gaming community gives me the creeps sometimes and judging by the weak resonance on this article I wish them luck. I am so fed up with racing games these days and I just don't get why nobody is being creative anymore. Blade Runner Wipeout Formula 1?! Bring it on!!