Bleszinski: "It'd be a no brainer to do a Gears remastered on Xbox One"

After the latest rumors on the Gears of War Collection, here also intervenes the man behind the series, Cliff Bleszinski.

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JoeMcCallister1154d ago

Even though we have a bit of overload on some remasters - true remasters of some series would be totally welcome - Mass Effect, Gears, Uncharted, and I'd personally like to see a Bioshock Collection with 1/2/Infinite.

PerrynAybara1154d ago

The problem is that Bio 1&2 are too much similar...Maybe it should be only Bioshock 1 + Infinite! :D

JoeMcCallister1154d ago

I can see that - I'd mainly like to see Minerva's Den I guess more than anything :/

SourtreeDing1154d ago

This would be one remaster that would have me interested in picking up a Xbox one with a Kinect.

also hope its customised.

i also think that Socom 1+2 Should have a HD remaster

1154d ago
Bdub20001154d ago

Im tired of remasters this gen, but Gears would be a fun one.

@Mike, seriously bro, you troll X1 articles so hard! Go get a hobby or a job or something, or keep pretending like you have a sweet Pc in the PC articles.

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Kal0psia1154d ago

Yes, and it has to have something unique to it just like MCC with the whole graphical switch feature. That was pretty unqiue and amazing in it's difference. I hope they add some cool effects and unique multiplayer features to make it new and worth buying. If it's just a resolution and frame rate bump it shouldn't be charged at full price then.

LonDonE1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Agreed i would love the remastered games you mentioned, i would also love skyrim and the elder scrolls in native 1080p 60fps would be AWESOME with all the DLC for both games and also fallout and new vegas.
The fallout games and elder scrolls games had allot of performance problem on last gen consoles, especially skyrim on PS3 so even getting to play them at a locked 30fps 1080p would be great.

I would LOVE a Crysis box set with crysis 1,2 and 3 all in native 1080p 60fps which would finally give console gamers the true experience and way crysis is meant to be played.
The crysis games ran like poop on PS3/360 so i would so buy a box set of the trilogy.

Its funny because people moan about remasters but then praise it when its a franchise they like lol.
Either way i dont have a problem with them, most times they are out sourced to companies like blue point they never really take away from the new games/iterations said studios are working on, and in fact can help by giving them additional experience with their engines running on the new consoles and also revenue.

remixx1161154d ago

Wouldn't a Bethesda collection be amazing, it would have elder scrolls oblivion, fallout 3, skyrim and new Vegas all remastered with all dlc and a couple special features like slight multiplayer components like the souls games player notes where people can leave tips and such around the world..........yo imagine if players can invade your worlds darks souls style!!!!!!!!!!

I think I might be alone on that last idea lol.

LonDonE1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Agreed would be so awesome.

"no brainer ofcourse, make a gears of war remaster and sell it for full price then make a gears of war 2 remaster and do the same, then the third. then make it all in a remastered collection. sell the same game many times. just fantastic."

What like sony you mean? making a god of war 3 remake and charging near full price for it? why cant they at the very least add in all the other god of war anthology collection games as a straight port from the PS3 version?
LOL the same reason £££$$$ CASH!!!!

We still dont know what ms plans to do, so i think its better to wait till we know exactly what they are doing with regards to a Gears of war remake.
Obviously everyone wants a Marcus phoenix collection with all the gears of war games at native 1080p 60fps on xbox one like the master chief collection.

I know i will defo not be buying only gears of war 1 remade at full price unless it heavily discounted i also wont be buying the god of war 3 remake which again for me is not worth full price regardless of new flashy graphics.

OmegaShen1154d ago

Full price for GoW3? Where you get that from? Gamestop has it listed at $39.

Nirvana315911154d ago

I'd buy a Gears Collection Remastered. If they only remaster one game and try to sell it for over $30 it's going to flop

Multiplatguy1154d ago

If it was just ported over like most of these "Remasters" then I would agree with you. But the rumours said this was a real remaster with redone visuals and cinematics. I think it's unfair to ask them to charge such a low price if they actually put the work into it.

Jughead34161154d ago

I know I may get disagrees, but I'm actually cool with Remasters. If there were no new games coming out and all we got were remasters, that'd be different. But we don't even have time and money to play all the new games we're getting. And to also get remasters of some of the best of last gen, is cool in my opinion. There are a few that look like cash grabs, but if I don't like it, I won't buy it. A Gears remaster would make my day. One of my favorite franchises.

GhostTurtle1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Absolutely agree with your list. Add Red Dead Redemption to the list. Maybe even add Knights of the Old Republic to the list (hell, FFX did it).

Also, somewhat out of the realm here, but how cool would it be to have re-releases of some older sports games? Wii U VC release MLB featuring KG Jr., but with modern rosters and some online options. Update the stadiums but keep it old school (one can dream right?).

umair_s511154d ago

Personally I don't mind remasters just sell that at a reasonable price, don't ask for $60 for something that was made 8 years ago

BinaryMind1154d ago

Who actually cares about what Chris Lewinsky has to say though?

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christocolus1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

There we have it folks. Gears Daddy gives his blessing. lol. I wish Cliff would join his friends at BT though. He is one of the devs i respect a lot in this industry.

Ripsta7th1154d ago

Why is that?
Hes just a director
Meaning he doesnt do the hard work of coding and animation
Hes just one of the suits

Paytaa1154d ago

One of the biggest reasons to why Gears was so successful was because of Cliffy's input and direction for the first game. If it weren't for him, Gears of War would have been a different game altogether.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1154d ago

Makes a damn good game for a suit.

Septic1154d ago

Cliffy is one of the suits?! Clearly you don't know what he does.

NeoGamer2321154d ago

Cliffy B is just straight forward and honest. He usually says it like it is whether it is good or bad.

Just many people can't handle the truth when he speaks. That's not his problem. That is delusional people who can't see the truth.

He would be a welcome suit in any environment I have worked.

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Hellsvacancy1154d ago

If people want it then why not? I'm sick of these people that hate on remasters, not every game gets remastered, I never got a remaster of A Dogs Life PS2 coz nobody liked it (but me)

Kingdomcome2471154d ago

I thought I was the only one. With your name added to the petition I've drawn up we'll be picking up steam, with a grand total of two people on board.

xTheMercenary_1154d ago

I absolutely loved "A Dogs Life" on ps2. I never knew people hated it??

04STIBluByU1154d ago

Its coming obviously. I know MS wanted to have that WOW factor from the announcement at E3 but it got spoiled. Same with the Uncharted Collection.

mugcostanza1154d ago

All In glorious 900p
Just joking folks.

LifeInNZ1154d ago

Even though just a joke...would it make it any of a lesser game if it were only 900p?