Why Bloodborne is a better experience with the PlayStation 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Headsets

Game Idealist explains why it is worth playing Bloodborne with a PlayStation 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Headset.

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aLucidMind1094d ago

Every game sounds better with surround sound headsets, not just Bloodborne.

colonel1791094d ago

I had 7.1 surround sound headsets, but I actually didn't like it. I prefer a home theater system, since you can put the speakers in a way that makes you think the action is happening behind you, or depending on the situation. I played Dead Space like that a holy shit it is scary!

With headsets is not the same, since for me, sounded like a glorified stereo speakers, since there is no apparent sound behind you like with home theaters.

MysticStrummer1094d ago

I don't know what kind of headphones you used, but mine can definitely make the sound appear to be behind me. I agree that a home theater system with proper speaker placement will separate the sound more, but I find that headphones are more immersive overall.

Azmatik1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

I agree with you that my 7.2 surround sound sounds better than my pulse elite but only on my ps4. I swear ever since the latest update my pulse doesnt sound as good as it did before but when i plug it into my pc it sounds rediculously amazing. I just used it yesterday with bloodborne (when i got the platinum), i found it sounded very "flat".

On my pc, android, and any other device though its the best sound quality ever and funny enough i believe the headset doesnt have 7.1 support on pc. I can definatly see where you coming from because i would rather my surround sound than my headset on my ps4.

opoikl1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

I just got the Sennheiser HD800's with a dedicated headphone amp and ever since I'm no longer satisfied with my normal speakers + amp. The first time I entered the Forbidden Woods in Bloodborne, I was able to dodge the falling tree trap just because of the audio cue coming from behind me. Fantastic!

BTW, other games that really shine through a stellar headphone are Dying Light (the ambient noises in the streets, hearing one zombie out of a crowd noticing your presence or the gushing wind on rooftops which can actually trigger your fear of heights) and of course P.T. When Lisa starts breathing down your neck, it's like she's in your own head. Couple this experience with VR and you're in for a potential heart attack.

Scatpants1094d ago

Dead Space has some of the best sound design in games. Especially with a good home theater system.

opoikl1094d ago

@ Scatpants

Then you have to try Alien:Isolation too, IMO this one takes it up a notch coming from Dead Space.

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MysticStrummer1094d ago

Indeed. Anyone with some good headphones should play PT using them, preferably in a darkened room. I've played through that thing multiple times and it still creeps me out. Driveclub, the Planetside 2 beta, Dying Light, Far Cry 4… yeah there's no point in listing games because like you say good headphones enhance pretty much any game.

Me-Time1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )


Agree with your 2nd post above. My Pulse Elite's capture surround sound very well. I DO use the movie preset for most things like music, videos (shows, Movies). It's a neutral sound that doesn't overdo the bass like the game preset does (when listening to music, at least).

I would love to try Driveclub with good headphones.
Damn, I'm thinking, "Amazon, here I come!"

MysticStrummer1094d ago

Nice. Yeah I usually leave my Sony Golds on the Destiny preset and it seems to work great with most games, movies, and music, though I did use the Bloodborne setting with that game. Not sure why OmegaShen down there said not to use the Golds, but I love them.

Me-Time1094d ago

Interesting. Could it be due to the lack of bass impact? It might just be preference. I can do with just two presets, but others wouldn't want to. It used to be a gripe of mine, but now, it doesn't seem like a big deal at all.

What would you say the Gold's better the Elite's at? Would comfort factor in greatly or... or you know, if you may, help me out. I just might buy them.

mac_sparrow1094d ago

I was incredibly lucky and picked up a barely used hmz t2 viewer for £200. Coupled with the gold headset it's aces. PT was incredible, shame it's being delisted.

One thing that surprised me, the newspapers in The Order are all complete and legible, no placeholder text, was cool to read them all.

I have a theatre system that I prefer for every day, but the immersion with the viewer headphones combo is quite.something.

MysticStrummer1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

"What would you say the Gold's better the Elite's at? Would comfort factor in greatly or... or you know, if you may, help me out. I just might buy them."

I honestly wouldn't know, but I did a lot of research before buying the Golds and have been very happy with my purchase. The bass and surround sound are surprisingly good. Both the Golds and the Pulse Elites are well thought of headsets if you look at customer opinions and comparisons.

The only thing about the Golds that bugs me is that you have to plug them into the controller if you want the best mic quality, but when you do that the headset buttons don't work anymore so you have to adjust sound volume/balance within the game or through the PS4 menu. I think you also lose the virtual surround sound when they're plugged in like that, but if I'm using the mic I turn the game sound down a little anyway so that part's not a huge deal for me. I mostly use them completely wirelessly, unless I happen to be playing online with people who actually want to play like a team.

Me-Time1093d ago

Finally got around to search to see if you replied. I appreciate the feedback about the Golds. Really helpful.


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UKmilitia1094d ago

the iossue is the presets should be released with game,not 3 weeks after.
i have the gold ones and its annouying only being able to have 1 setting installed.

OmegaShen1094d ago

Just not Sony's gold headset, pluse elite sounds great.

Me-Time1094d ago

Uncomfortable, but hell, after my first pair snapped on one side (I consistently would sleep while wearing them throughout the night 70% of the time) after a year and a half at least, I went ahead and bought them again soon after. Different box, and strangely, it felt sturdier - pros and cons to that.

These are definitely worth it, even if you watch tv with them on or listen to music. If you want to use it wirelessly, plug the usb dongle into your TV or buy a cheap usb charger to connect it to, then plug it into the headphone jack of the TV or your receiver. I don't think people realize it's as easy as that to listen to other devices wirelessly. Plug it into your stereo, radio, bunghole! Not the sharp end!


Astro a50's my friend....FTW!

level 3601094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

As long as you're using a very clean sounding efficient headphone, the audio will always be very good.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a gaming headphone.

Own a Sony Pulse Elite an Audio Technica AD700 open backs and A900 close backs and both the AT's sound far natural, wider in scope and superior. I did like very much the BassImpact effects ( some people don't ) on the Sony's.

KwietStorm1094d ago

I don't care much for it either, but it's good that you can turn it off.

Perjoss1094d ago

I have a few head sets i use for gaming, they are fantastic for console and pc but where ive had the biggest gain is using them on 3ds and vita as handhelds speakers are always terrible.

Malice-Flare1094d ago

except for those damn crows, crow-dogs, and dog-crows. they hurt my ears...

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