Will Joker Feature In Batman Arkham Knight?

Will Joker come back in Batman's upcoming game or is it the end of the road for the infamous villain?

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AliTheSnake11002d ago

Arkham Knight is the Joker.

BecauseImBatman1001d ago

No just no. Smart money is on Jason Todd (The Red Hood) or Damian Wayne. Could even be Hush or just a completely new character...

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aLucidMind1002d ago

He won't, Mark Hamill said a few years back that he will not be playing as the Joker. If I remember right, he also stated that his vocal cords have actually become damaged from using the Joker voice for so long.

Also, Joker is DEAD after Arkham City. This was confirmed in Harley's Revenge and then again by Rocksteady themselves. Let's have some other villains shine for once, we have enough Joker tales to last us forever and there are obviously more to come.

mkis0071001d ago

Not that I think he is alive, but they had Troy Baker voice him in Arkham Origins and he nailed it.

KwietStorm1002d ago

If not for anything else, I hope he is, just to get that Jared Leto Joker image out of my head.

toxic-inferno1001d ago

This year is the Joker's 75th anniversary. Arkham Knight is bound to have an extremely heavy Joker presence, whether he is physically present or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.