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DarkOcelet1029d ago

That picture should have a spoiler warning!

Main Quest spoilers!

ArchangelMike1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

Well seeing as it is the devs that posted the pictures I guess they don't consider it to be a spoiler.

I'm getting abit concerned now that this game may be getting over exposure. I mean they just revealed a new monster in that screenshot, it would have been good to have met the monster first time in game.

Maybe it really is time for me to go dark on the Witcher 3.

Stapleface1029d ago

Damn, now you know you have to change your clothes. ;)

Travis37081029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

Are these PC screenshots? I wanna see how it looks on either XB1 or PS4. Anyone have a Link?

d_g1029d ago

the developer said we will see some console footage soon

HammadTheBeast1029d ago

E3 2014 had Xbox one footage.

CaptainPunch1028d ago

Never knew we would fight a cyclops, pretty awesome.

MrCherry1028d ago

I love the first pic, the work thiy put into.