Nintendo's Problems With Trends and Modern Media Continue to Damage Its Image

We've argued the case before that Nintendo needs to modernise and drastically improve its attitudes to modern media, in terms of YouTube and social media platforms. It's easy to be defensive of its efforts, too, but we feel some recent statistics truly highlight the folly of Nintendo's current approach to YouTube, in particular. Nintendo is a strange beast in the world of online content right now - in some ways its setting standards and exciting its audience in ways its rivals don't, yet its policies towards user-generated content are largely flawed and counter-productive.

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ChickenOfTheCaveMan1034d ago

They decided that and I hope they're intelligent enough to know that this would make a lot youtubers back away from Ninty content. This, the U, they're out of touch with the industry they're in. The DS/3DS is the last remaining positive note.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1034d ago

I just recently got a 3DS just to find out there is no way to message friends which is pretty bizarre to me until I realized it's Wii generation of Nintendo we are talking about, after realizing that it all makes sense.

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DialgaMarine1034d ago

Nintendo, just like their fans, thinks everything they do is pure gold, which is why they make such poor business decisions without a second thought.

As for the comments about Nintendo's games. Yes, Nintendo games are quality, but only in and of themselves. The Wii-U is only worth owning for Nintendo games, hence why Iwata himself admitted that Wii-U is a secondary console. A person only get enjoyment out of it if they like Nintendo products. If someone wants to play GTA, CoD, Destiny, Battlefield, Assassin's Creed, or pretty any non-Nintendo related title, they're completely shit out of luck if they only own a Wii-U. That's where Nintendo has failed with Wii-U. Very few people, outside of the casual, care to play Mario or Mario related titles these days, and none of the people that do care are gonna play the non-Mario related Nintendo titles. Dreamcast 2.0

Baka-akaB1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

While i share your main sentiment , no quite a lot of people care to play Mario or other Nintendo titles these days .

However plenty people will not commit to a console with solely or mostly those .

And an even lesser fraction of people , that are only interested in a few keys nintendo franchises and titles , or none of them actually , are going to jump each generation over a console or platform that doesnt propose a bigger spectrum and array of games ... a mix of both exclusives and key multi-platform titles .

I purchased a Wii U rather soon , because i'm that much a fan of Xenoblade , Fire Emblem , Metroid , Mario Kart , Bayonetta and Smash Bros , and i'm not going to skip them , even if that makes the console a tertiary choice behind others .... but not everyone might be that crazy .

And there are still again the issues of Nintendo still lagging behind in online services , region locking , account managements , despite pioneering online gaming with Sega .

OrangePowerz1034d ago

I like Mario games :)

But yes it's my secondary console. Due to the lack of third party main franchises there wouldn't be enough games on it for me to only have the Wii U.

N4g_null1033d ago

Before you try to blame nintendo fans go and clean your own house. You guys single handily made a bunch of broken games from EA to ubisoft their best selling games ever. Then you all ignored The fact that Sony and ms suck exclusive wise and also HD games on high settings just to get a bunch of low performing games.

I'm not seeing mass trade in on games on the wiiu. I'm not seeing massive repayable games on the other systems. I'm not seeing a 3rd party that is worth getting excited for on the ps4 or Xbox one. Then I'm not seeing why I should even own these other consoles when my pc does everything sony promised their products would do.

The ps4 is a bubble waiting to pop. 3rd party are milking the hell out of you guys. That is the trend. How many times will you let these guys stick it to you? Sony isn't doing a thing about it ethier. They are even enabling these guys. The Xbox one sales are a function of a sale and cod. Face it you guys are bored.

Why do I need 10 mulitplatform games that are subpar yet get for ad hype? You may not like nintendo normal franchises but there is plenty coming that is far from normal. E3 will be here shortly.

OrangePowerz1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

There are a few things woth noting. Further up you yalked about 4k, max settings and 60fps. How many people do you think will spend the money on that this year or next year? A very small amount of PC gamers. I play plenty of games on PC and have a fairly decent rig and I'm not going to upgrade it for 4K. The hardware for complete 4K isn't here just yet so I would spend money on something that will require upgrading 1 or 2 years later anyway or to be precise require a rebuild of my system. Games currently support 4K, but the assets aren't 4K. The assets are made for lower resolutions. To really take advantage of 4K they need to make textures just for 4K and the same goes for models. That will require a lot more hardware resources than the "normal" PCs currently have.

You want to complain about games like BF4 selling a lot complain to the reviewers that didn't mention of these issues. Also, I'm sure no PC gamer bought Unity or BF4 and the games sold horrible on the PC? If you make accusations you should be able to back them up with facts. Fact is they sold very well on the PC as well and I could mention PC only games that had been broken that sold very well or dp you want to ignore games like SimCity? Not to mention the huge amount of Sims games and add ons that are being sold every year on the PC.

Clearly they don't make exclusives that are to your taste. I'm having a blast with Bloodborn and others have a blast with their X1 exclusives.

As for the trade ins. If you have a limited amount of games coming out and a smaller amount of consoles in circulation there is a good chance the amount of games that are being traded in are smaller. The Wii U doesn't have 2-3 games every month coming out that are worth buying.

Sorry to pop your bubble, but there isn't a PS4 bubble that will pop. And I don't see any particular thing where I get milked as a player who plays games on one of the two consoles.

Redempteur1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

"I'm not seeing massive repayable games on the other systems."

Sorry but lol.
Please tell me that GTA5 ( out everywhere but on wii U ) is not a massive replayable game.

"I'm not seeing a 3rd party that is worth getting excited for on the ps4 or Xbox one."

Metal gear solid : the phantom pain ?
aka the biggest 3rd party game of 2015 ..
( still not on wii U )
Please try harder

N4g_null1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

I'm glad you are having fun orange powers but this guy above keeps trying to say nintendo fans are hurting nintendo when they are supporting worst parties on the HD twins.

God of war is my taste... where is it?

It's nintendo choice to find and cultivate ip and I'd rather them not lean on bribery of free games and media functions. I own 2 4k tvs and 2 4k monitors. I have the kit for 4k pc gaming. Hell a good 4k TV will make even a wiiu look good. Plus the new gpu coming in 2016 will be real deal 4k on max.

True few can afford this but it does exist. The whole point of the wiiu is nintendo made it because you can't afford my setup and game optimally. They where looking for the sweet spot. Sony and nintendo differ on that sweet spot. Yet I enjoy what nintendo is doing more right now.

Yet to a person who has been only dealing with a struggling ps3 for years the ps4 must be amazing. The truth is it was amazing like 9 years ago when the 8800 was out.

Also orange powers the ps4 hasn't had any game I've wanted to play exclusively on the ps4 including blood born. I was interested then lost interest due to watching the slow game play. It was depressing, not exciting to me after a while.

Also gta has sucked for a while. I want a game not a adult degeneration sandbox. Game mechanic wise gta sucks to me. It always has yet I will give them credit for making big games and not suckling as much as ubisoft I just won't play their games.

Even nintendo has not been super stellar. The 3d Mario and 2d Mario don't have the creativity of even nintendo land game play wise and Mario seems to be where all of the talent is being suck away to. If they could take the look of Mario kart and make a 3d Mario then a lot of people would be happy. The game play is cool but it fails to be impressive visually in a creative way. This is due to specs ethier. That is all choice.

Also assets don't have to be 4k. Any procedural shader will work that out. There are other perks it gives.

Redem.... really phantom pain the last game Kojima is going to make with konami? The only games I've liked from konami where tnmt arcade and that other mech game Kojima made.

It really does seem like the gaming community is growing apart. Well it is up to the powers at hand to choose where they want to make their money. It is their game to win or loose. You can't blame the fans if they love it.

OrangePowerz1033d ago

Well there are Nintendo fans who support Nintendos behaviour in every way such as supporting their approach to YouTubers or supporting them when it comes to Splatoon not having voice chat. And given it's an article about Nintendo I feel it's a bit of a distraction tactic to focus all the talk on other companies instead of talking about Nintendo. Regarding cultivating IPs, Nintendo mainly cultivates the same IPs for over 25 years that's where they put their main affords. Neither MS or Sony rely so heavily on existing IPs. They have their you find on all consoles, but they still try make a good amount of new IPs.

Nintendo made the Wii U because they thought they could pull another Wii by releasing a console that is cheap to make and cheap to buy. After the GameCube (great console) failed they pulled out of trying to have powerful hardware. But even during the GameCube times (already way before the GameCube actually) Nintendo already pissed of their third party partners and they continue to do so. You might not care for the third party games, but many others do.

I could afford your setup, but by the time games are truly and fully 4K in every aspect there will be new hardware out and the TVs and monitors will be of better quality as well. And a shader isn't the same as 4K assets.

The PS4 would have had good graphics 9 years ago? You underestimate the graphical capabilities of the current consoles. Do the same games on PC with max setting look better? Sure, but that's always the case and will always be the case unless they decide to make a console that costs 900 or more, but we have seen with the PS3 that a high priced console isn't received very well. It's always up to first party to show what consoles are really capable of.

Bloodborn has slow gameplay? It's a lot faster compared to the previous Souls games. It's not designed to be God of War, DMC or Bayonetta. It's designed as a much more tactical game.

GTA sucks because it's not your cup of tea? I don't like Zelda games so I guess that means they suck? Having that sort of attitude sucks.

You say you can't blame fans if they love it, yet to me it sounds like you blame fans if the like or love games or consoles from other companies that are not Nintendo.

Gohadouken1033d ago

This is just taking a page from every crazed fanboys from any side .

Literally "i prefer almost exclusively everything from one side , so ultimately and conveniently every things from other platforms sucks" .

And the rest is plain evasion when it comes to issues that are hard to deny and sidestep . Of course nintendo fanboys wont discuss the lack of freedom when it comes to ommunicate online on nintendo consoles , nor the way they handle accounts , virtual consoles and a bunch of now common and essential features for gaming .

Nevermind that they would get exactly the same nintendo games with the same level of quality PLUS all the other missing titles PLUS better features ... they'd rather pretend they have better taste and rant about broken games from EA/Ubi , precisely after throwing tantrum about EA/Ubi ignoring them .

And then you go some awesome rethorics , an answer to everything .

"WHo cares if you only get 4-5 great games each year on Wii U and only care about 2 or 3 of those . You only need those 3 games for the whole year , unless you're bored "

Immediately followed by "i got a pc anyway" of course .

Clap Clap .

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Gohadouken1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

Meh , you're just reacting with anger . Not finding exclusives worth playing on those others consoles is a matter of your personal tastes and/or bad faith . Sames goes for multiplatform titles missing from the WiiU .

The points still remains , elsewhere (inclkuding as you mentioned PC ) people have a choice between those exclusives and better services AND an array of key multiplatforms . on Nintendo home consoles for a while now , it's not exactly true , even if there are thankfully and obviously exceptions .

Except kick ass titles like Xenoblade , the upcoming Fire emblem X megaten crossovers , bayo 2 and Smash , the Wii U is currently missing absolutely key titles , obscure or popular from many genres that people do care about . I myself like playing fighting games of various genres . I sure as well wasnt gonna limit myself to just Smash and maybe Pokken Fighter , even if awesome .

I dunno why you guys insist of pretending it's a crappy thing to have better bonds with 3rd parties , when it clearly work great for a 3ds with both a great multi and exclusive presence .

And i'm not getting entirely either the propaganda spiel about broken games that keeps popping around . Sure there are issues , but "they" started avoiding the platform , "you" per se didnt avoid them . Had the WiiU been more popular or fitting the specs , publishers annoyed people with , they'd be there . Or when it will gain more steam , those Creed and crappy EA games are still coming and as potentially broken as elsewhere .

REDDURT1033d ago

You are the reason Nintendo will die.

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aaliyahbandy1034d ago

I honestly think Nintendo needs to back off. I watch so many Nintendo game letsplay and it makes me want to buy the game more, so in a way youtubers are helping Nintendo make profits. Don't bite the hand that feeds you or you will starve!

Redempteur1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

Indeed ,
While sony and microsoft embrace sharing of content, nintendo does this , but only within a very controlled environnement that prevent the main point of sharing content.
And there is nobody at nintendo HQ that bother to check and correct the fact that an IP like mario , so old and so widely know is so low in term of coverage on the web 2.0

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