IGN:New XBOX 360 Dashboard Detailed

"When Microsoft unveiled the new interface for Xbox Live at their E3 press conference this week, our jaws dropped. Not only will the current Dashboard get a slick new look and feel, but avatars will be incorporated into the experience, and best of all, Netflix movies will now be available through the Xbox 360."

Also, themes, gamer pictures and ads are clarified. Microsoft also hints at possible customization as far as organizing the dashboard.

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KillJoi993800d ago

This new dashboard looks sleeker and cleaner than the current version. The only thing I don't like about it is the stupid Xii avatars.

RealityCheck3800d ago

I agree, I hope those avatar are optional... maybe an invisible guy avatar would work.

sticky doja3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I just hope it runs as fast if not faster than the current dashboard and I will be all for it.

Also the Mii-60 avatars don't bother me. That is actually one of my favorite aspects of the Wii. I have Mii's from Hitler to Hulk Hogan to Darth Vader and if there is more customization than the Wii offers then the sky is the limit to what you can create. No one says you have to care about avatars but if u want to mess around with them then they are there.

whoknew3799d ago

I prefer how it will be this fall. I can't wait for the update. I just wish all the people who don't like it, and keep complaining would actually read up on some facts before crying about it.

m233800d ago

Exactly what KillJoi said, it looks a lot better except for the avatar part. I like the party system especially.

kewlkat0073800d ago

I misunderstood that during the conference....

Like I can take any game and just install it?

BananaSlug3799d ago

pop ur disc in. install it. keep disc in. play it.


Yep pretty much that - you have to have the game disc in the tray for verification purposes but after that the game comes completely from the HDD with no disc spinning.

kewlkat0073800d ago

Awesome.....less load times(quieter console)....

I like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.