Nintendo's Wii MotionPlus: Good for Gamers, Bad for Business?

Eric Franck, a staff writer at GamePlasma, seems to think so. Eric writes:

"When Nintendo announced Wii MotionPlus at E3 earlier this week, I was, as a Nintendo fan and hardcore gamer, pretty excited. I wasn't expecting Nintendo to improve its motion sensing technology until they released their next console… but now, thanks to the reality of 1:1 real-time motion control, all kinds of new gaming possibilities might be realized, including, of course, the hypothetical first-person lightsaber dueling game that many a gamer and Star Wars fan has been dreaming of for a long time."

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ChickeyCantor3803d ago

Wii sports resorts will do the trick.
People loved Wii-sports and they will love this one.

SiLeNt KNighT3803d ago

cant developers make it so its in the options... turn on or off motion plus?? doesnt seem too difficult to me. theres not much of an online component to the wii so people without it wouldnt be at a disadvantage. the new wii sports resorts sounds pretty interesting though. could this be the game that finally makes me turn on my wii after 10 months of just sitting there??? i HOPE!!

ChickeyCantor3803d ago

" doesnt seem too difficult to me"
The problem with this is that even though they are making a game with 1:1 motion in mind, they still need to add static animations.
course thats been going on since the beginning of gaming but i mean it will only cause them to work more XD i dont think they are willing cause it costs money.

Polluted3803d ago

I can see this ending up like that stupid ram expansion for the N64. Some games will inevitably require this thing and not everyone will have one, no matter how widely available they make them. They should have made the wii-mote more sensitive in the first place or just let it be as is until next gen.
Hopefully they start handing these suckers out like candy if they plan on utilizing them a lot in the future. Considering the ridiculous mark up on the console itself, they should really send them out for free.

ChickeyCantor3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

The Expansion pack did not come with Wii-sports XD
Perfect dark/DK( well if you got yourself a bundle) came with a Expansion pack.

There is a huge difference between that and this.
The market that nintendo is trying to reach is more interested in Wii-sports 2 than a expansion pack for games like PD/Donkeykong/Zelda:MM.

And to be honest im glad they did no include this from the beginning because looking at the price now( from the developers who made the chip in the MP) its 40dollars now, think about it 2 years ago it would be double of that.

Polluted3803d ago

Well I hope your right. Not that it really affects me anyway. I guess it all depends on how they use this thing in the future.

Wicked avatar BTW.

Product3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Silent Knight-
10 months of sitting there?you havent played mario kart or smash bros but youll be giving wiisports resort a chance?odd but ok.

1:1 is a must for me and something i think the wii has always had a problem with.Im glad to see they fixed it....

and who would even care about business, took the casual Nintendo over a year to give hardcore fans voice chat and true 1:1 controls.Im all for that even if its not a good business choice.

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