Check Out The Awesome Final Fantasy XIV Fighting Game That Will Never See the Light

During the Letter from the Producer Live broadcast from the Nico Nico Chokaigi event in Chiba, Square Enix showcased something hilariously awesome named Ultimate Fight Final Fantasy XIV: Gekito Eorzea” (Ultimate Fight Final Fantasy XIV: Fierce Battle Eorzea).

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masterfox1063d ago

Indeed that was freaking awesome!

godofboobees1063d ago

That counter limit break was longer than knights of the round. Damn!

AntsPai1063d ago

I hope they add this in some update our expansion, maybe to the gold saucer or something. It looks a bit stiff but damn, this could be something special if they actually developed it.

rhap1063d ago

That's where the subscription's money goes to. Who needs content.

F0XHOUND1063d ago

You ever played the game? 2.0 to 3.0 content has been massive.

il-JumperMT1063d ago

Thats why they added 6 new Raids 1 new Class and loads of dungeons + primals and questss, main story etc.

The content added adds over 5000 hours.

FamilyGuy1062d ago

When was the last time you played this game?